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Amazon Image Requirements
Amazon Image Requirements

Amazon Image Requirements

Every Amazon seller must meet Amazon Image requirements for product images. Because more than 300,000 small and medium-sized businesses depend on Amazon for selling their products. So the competition is huge and now it has become quite tough to be a part of Amazon. Amazon’s image requirements has many conditions for listing your business. One of the key requirements is Image. The image plays a vital role in growing up your business. Because it presents your products virtually. That is why you need to give top priority to make your images high-quality. You can make more sales by attracting customers showing them good quality images.
Amazon product images must follow best practices mentioned below for product being sold. Especially, main image is the main factor in amazon product photography. Main images on amazon must be in pure white background. Image size & image frame also matter. Product image must not contain additional objects.

Technical Requirements for Amazon Image:

Firstly, if you are intended to work with Amazon and submit your product photos, you need to mend the technical sides of your images. Without the technical parts, you can’t stay on the right track. So the technical requirements are –
  1. The maximum file size needs to be 10MB for a single image.
  2. 500 pixels is the minimum Amazon image dimensions.
  3. 10,000 pixels is the maximum Amazon image dimensions.
  4. JPEG is the most recommended Amazon image file format. But you can also use other types of format – GIF, PNG, or TIFF files.
  5. It is best to use a 1:1 square image with the dimensions of 2000 x 2000.
  6. Amazon allows a 5:1 aspect ratio.
  7. You should crop the photo well with limited space.
  8. Amazon approves images using dimensions larger than 1000 pixels on a single side.
  9. You must compress your images perfectly. Though Amazon will compress it again after you uploaded it. But you should do it before that.

Main Amazon Image Requirements:

Now let’s move to the main part of the image requirement which is the design format. After following the technical guidelines perfectly, Amazon requires to give emphasis on the design part of your image for product listings. You should focus on –
  1. The image needs to be professional.
  2. The full image should be adjusted to the frame.
  3. The background must be fully white.
  4. Drawings or any designed background aren’t accepted.
  5. Avoid unnecessary graphics or any additional text.
  6. You can use close-up images.
  7. No racist, disrespectful or pornographic images are allowed.
  8. You are not allowed to include any design or watermarks on the images.
  9. The product must be realistic and focus clearly on what you are selling.
  10. The image should contain smooth edges.
  11. Avoid objects that make confusion to the customers. Place a clear-cut, simple, and attractive image then make it complex.

Other Requirements for Amazon Image:

Use different types of photos for a single product-
You can use a variety of photos to display a specific product. For example, if you are selling a T-shirt, then you better don’t place only a single photo of that shirt. Present it from different angles. Show the front part and back-part, focus on the sleeves, and all the other parts. You need to take care of the color of the products. Because the color plays a vital role to grab the attention of the customers. So we recommend if you have enough budget, then you hire a professional photographer for taking high-quality photos. Also you can know more about the Amazon product photography tips.
Provide Useful Information-
It is important to describe the necessary information about each product. You can include the brand name, product model number, a brief description, etc. If any customer likes the photo, he will try to know more details about the product. So try to specify as much information as you can. But do not give irrelevant information. Because it will make the customers boring and they will leave the page. Perhaps your description is small, but always keep it simple and ensure relevancy.
Emphasis on Quality-
You should always give importance to quality images. Studies have shown that most of the people click on high-resolution images. And if you get more click, there will be a chance of getting more sales. Therefore, Amazon requires high-quality images drawings or illustrations. Upload sharp, well-lit, and realistic pictures. Kern stated that “ Don’t increase the vibrance, clarity, and saturation too much. Try to keep it original.” He also said, “Customers should exactly get the same product that they saw online before ordering”. So there should not be any variations in the product color and quality.
Get the Zoom Effect –
To view your products more closely, Amazon has set up a zoom effect. It’s one of the image requirements. But for that, your images should be large enough. As a result, you can attract your customers to have a close view of your products and increase the chances of making sales. Some people suggest Images should be 3000 pixels. But according to Amazon, You need to use a minimum of 1000 pixels images for the zoom effect.

Final Words on Amazon Image Requirements

You should try to follow the Amazon Image Requirements perfectly. Because Amazon is a huge platform to promote your products and enhance your online business. Therefore, try to follow their rules properly to generate more sales. So, to make illustrations of the product in amazon you must follow its image guidelines even for inset images. Products to be sold the image must focus professionally lit whether it is in jpeg jpg, gif and png.