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10 Steps to Design Sleek iPhone App Layout in Photoshop

Want to design a sleek iPhone app layout in Photoshop? Yes, you can definitely do it. Because Photoshop is a very powerful software and it has lots of amazing functions to create something new. In this article, we will guide you on how you can design a sleek iPhone app layout using Photoshop that will show iphone home screen layout.

Step:1 - Set up the Workspace

To make an iphone home screen layout first, you need to set up the workspace. Then create a new canvas and write the size 1300×950 px. The layout will be 840px wide. After this, you need to draw 2 vertical guides sizing 230px and 1070px in order to delimit the layout.

Step:2 - Create the background

10 Steps for Designing a Sleek iPhone App Layout in Photoshop
Next, you need to add a gradient to the background and add some noise. Then create a new layer, add to it a gradient. The noise can’t be added to the layer, because it has blending options. You should have a stand-alone layer. For making it, you need to create a new layer and merge it with the first one. In this way, you can create a stand-alone layer that supports the noise effect. Then select the last layer, add a uniform noise of 1.5% (Filter->Noise->Add Noise).

Step:3 - Create the header

10 Steps for Designing a Sleek iPhone App Layout in Photoshop
Afterward, select the Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle shape with a height of 50px and wide of 1300px. Then, apply some blending options like Drop Shadow and Gradient Overlay. Now you need to add a white horizontal line (1px) under the top-bar. Because it will create a deeper effect.
Then, draw another rectangular shape over the header bar (with the height of 25px and the width of 1300px). The shape must be white and keep the opacity to 7-10%. As it will create an Apple iPhone transparency effect.
On the right side of the top bar, you will have to add the navigation menu. Add some text buttons and you can use the Rounded Rectangle Tool for customizing the design. Also, you can use some blending options to make the button look more standard. Keep the font size 14 pixels. After this, place the logo on the left side. In this way, you can create the layout of the header.

Step:4 - Add an iPhone Image

Then add a brand new iPhone image. You can add different ios app icons on that if want & apply ios 14 home screen ideas, screen design etc.

Step:5 - Add Some Text

It is ideal and looks beautiful if you add some text beside the iPhone image. You can include some important features about the iPhone and place it on the right side of the canvas. As a result, the layout will look more attractive.

Step:6 - Create an iPhone navigation slider

Next, create a beautiful iPhone navigation slider. Select the Rounded Rectangle tool again and draw a shape under the iPhone keeping the radius of 7px. Add the blending options Gradient Overlay, Inner Shadow, and Stroke. After this, add numbers 1,2,3,4 and make the 2 number black, so that it implies the number 2 is the active button. Then draw a Rectangle Shape on the number 2 and again add blending options like Gradient Overlay, Drop Shadow to focus it more.

Step:7 - Create buttons

Every iPhone app website needs 2 types of buttons: “Buy this app from Apple” and “Live Demo of the app”. Select the Rounded Rectangle Tool with the same radius of 7px. Draw a shape under the text that you have created in the previous step of ios 14 home screen. Add blending options Gradient Overlay, Stroke. Download a small icon of the iPhone and add it to the button. Then write “Available now on the Apple Store” inside the button.Create the same type of button again and place the new one close to the original. Add the text “Watch a live demo” inside the copied button and design a small play button & app icon as well.

Step:8 - Create the footer background

Now select the rectangular tool. Draw a big shape at the bottom of the canvas of iphone home screen. Add the same gradient that you have used in the  “Apple Store” button.

Step:9 - Create a subscribe box

After you have completed the black white footer background, you need to add a “subscribe” box. For this, select the Rounded Rectangle tool and draw a shape with a radius of 7px. Add the blending options and create a beautiful box.
Inside the box, create 2 fields (one is for “Name” and another is for “Email Address”), and below add a sign up button. For creating the 1st field select the Rounded Rectangle Tool again and draw a shape. Stylize it by adding blending options. 
Following the same process, create another field. Move the 2nd one under the 1st field. Again do the same while creating the “Sign up” button. If you want to make the “Sign up” button different from the others, then add a shiny effect on the “sign up” button.
Select the layer and subtract the bottom half of the selection using the Rectangular Marquee Tool. Then create a new layer and fill the remaining selection with white. Reduce the opacity to 10% and create a beautiful nice glass effect for the signup button. Write texts to all the buttons.

Step:10 - Finish the footer

Add some texts to the left side of the footer. You can write some excellent features using small icons and it will look great and attractive. Most importantly don’t forget to write the Copyright details at the bottom. Now your layout like ios 14 home screen is ready.

Final Words on Design Sleek iPhone App Layout in Photoshop

So we have made a full guideline and provided you useful tips to design a sleek iPhone app layout in Photoshop. Hope you will be able to create ios 13 home screen ideas by following the above steps properly.
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