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Amazon Product Photography tips for Photographers

10 Amazon Product Photography tips for Photographers

The product photography plays a pivotal role in selling your products on Amazon as well as on other online platforms. An image is considered to be a product identifier, that reflects a quality product. However, if you would like to bring more customers and enhance your selling, you need to go through these creative 10 tips on Amazon product photography for professional photographers. Similarly, these amazing tips will not only manipulate customer’s attention but also help the customers to have an in-depth look at these products. By following these tips you can make product photos lucrative.

According to a Chinese proverb, an image can express thousand words. So, Quality photo is a prerequisite to quality selling. Once customers would see the product images, then they would feel like images are talking with them. If you would like to achieve these professional tips, go through this piece of writing until the end.

It is pertinent to mention here that product shots are the only medium between customers and sellers, which can boost their selling.

Moreover amazon has different image requirements like white backdrop for sellers, whether it is in tiff jpeg gif format. Amazon seller central maintains product image requirements & this task is followed by a period. So, promote your amazon listing with the following special ten tips for the professional photographers. If you want to make great photos, get started with these tips. Your product photos must look attractive.

10 Amazon Product Photography tips for Professional Photographers

1. Satisfying Background

The background of your product images is the main point for your product selling, which is one of the technical requirements for main images. However, the policies of the Amazon product selling allow only pure white background. The reason beyond this policy of technical requirements is to point out the main product you are selling on Amazon. It is pertinent to mention that this rule is just for the image of the title or the main image; however, the secondary images have freedom with any background color mode.
Thus, the main point for the satisfying background is the pure white background because it doesn’t mix the customer’s attention & can be looked clear from different angles. Similarly, it satisfies the customers but not confuse them. In the same manner, the product should be captured with a natural background because it will also enhance the attention of the buyers.
Apart from this, the background of the main image should have contrast or match with the nature of the product you are going to place. Therefore, you should make this point which can satisfy your buyers.

2. Proper Medium of Light

Light plays a prime role in product photography to capture quality images in srgb or cmyk for all platforms where you are selling your product. It is specific to note that the light you are providing should not be too bright or too low, but it should be appropriate in amount, especially for amazon image. Undoubtedly, there are several sources from where you can take advantage to provide light like flash or lamp, but an important thing to note i.e., bright and white.
On the other hand, if you are going to use a color other than bright white, it will change the real colors of the product you are selling. So, the use of LED lights would be the right option for your Amazon products.
Apart from this, natural light is also an available option for you when you are unable to find other sources. The reason beyond natural light is to bring soft and true colors to your product, which will also filter the shadow to an extent.

3. Provide Support to your Product

The support is an additional tip that may enhance your product to an extent. However, the support means here to provide a pillar or holding support so that your light or small products can stand for the display. So, these supporting elements for your product should be creative or natural. The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that supporting elements should not be teasing or attracting more, which should not detract your customer’s attention.
Another thing you should mention while listing your product i.e., the things you have included along with this product. Most of the time, the sellers do not mention the things involved with the main product. Once they order, and they do not get the supporting elements, then they complain about it.

4. Use a Tripod

It is very easy to say that tripod is useless, but the professional photographers know the price of tripod use. Several photographers neglect the use of a tripod, but when you use it, you can feel the difference between the image with and without a tripod. When a professional photographer captures the picture, and experience a small movement, then the real charm of the product may disappear. Therefore, tripod provides additional support to your product for amazon listing.
Apart from this, a tripod allows you to capture the image of your product from any angle. It lessens the headache of how you can twist your neck or arm for capturing a complicated or macro picture of the product. Similarly, it will be crystal clear without any blur side or image of the product. Additionally, you may set your product without the fear of a camera setting.

5. Select the Perfect Camera

It may be possible that you are worried about your budget for buying a camera. However, it would help if you remembered that you may now buy different approachable DSLR on Amazon, which can assist you in product photography. It is important to note here that a DSLR is the camera that will make you aware of possible features appropriate for your photography.
Apart from this, A DSLR camera will provide the best performance for your product so that your customer can pay more attention to your products.
Perfect Camera
You can go to your mobile phone camera if you are unable to purchase a DSLR camera. It is prominent that while capturing a picture on mobile, then you should avoid the zoom-in feature. However, if you need a close view, you should move the camera closer to the product. In this way, the quality of the image will not be disturbed.

6. Capture your Product Image from Every Angle

It is the trend in buying the products that every customer love to check the product from every angle. However, transparency also plays a great role in promoting the sale of your product. The reason beyond this tip is to view your product from every angle because the customer can not touch the product they would like to buy.
Therefore, they would like to see every angle of the product in-depth. Apart from this, they will also be able to watch the texture or stuff of the product they are going to order. So, it will help them to decide whether they should buy it or not.

7. Provide Detail of Your Product

It is essential for the product seller on Amazon that one should represent all details of the products. The detail of the product means all the accessories the product is included with. Apart from this, it would help if you used zoom-in function while capturing the detail of the product. One more thing you should keep in mind that you need not add supporting elements in detail.

8. Capture While Using the Product

The customers can be attentive more once you are capturing the picture of the product while practicing it. It is very easy to apply this tip for your amazon product. For instance, you are selling a cap, and then you can put the cap in different angles on someone’s head so that your customers can have a live performance of the product they are going to buy.
On the other hand, Mobile phones, vase, sofa, etc, can be placed or used and record their live pictures for the Amazon. This practice will enhance and promote your product selling if you are going to follow this tip of practicing your product. One important thing you need to keep in mind that you can add videos of product usage so that products can be cleared in detail.

9. Add Every Variant of Product

You need not mention only the accessories of the product you are providing, but add all colors and sizes which your product has. Therefore, you should go to mention each and everything about the product you are selling on Amazon. Therefore, this is a positive tip for your product. It’s very important for amazon product listing.

10. Set Your Product Image with Magic

Are you really worried about the product photo you have captured? It is universally approved that no one is perfect. Similarly, if you have made some mistakes in your photography, you can use several software that can help you add some features or refine your picture with real colors. A quality camera is not everything, you shall need photo editing service after taking photos to make high quality photos for amazon product listings.
It is possible that the product picture lack some real color due to lack of perfect colors, brightness, contrast, etc. Therefore, you can set or adjust these issues with software like Photoshop. Apart from this, you can also retouch the image with the help of this software. In this manner, you can remove unwanted speck, etc. Thus, it is important to mention that you can improve the quality of your product photography for Amazon with the help of the editing software. Quality images make it easier to boost sales & make buyers feel confident that they are going to buy something good. For product listing the main image must be better in quality with sharp white background so that it looks like the real product.
Therefore, if you would like to sell the products on Amazon, these are the matchless tips that can help you promote your products. Once you follow these tips, then you would get numerous orders for your products. However, these tips are approved by the experts who have been selling the products for several years. Thus, you can use these tips if you are professional or want to be a professional because these are 10 tips for photographers. These tips will definitely enhance your selling on Amazon.

FAQ On Amazon Product Photography

1. What is Amazon photography?
Amazon Photos is a protected online storage service for your photographs and recordings. Amazon Prime clients get limitless full-resolution photograph capacity, in addition to 5 GB of video stockpiling.
2. Does Amazon provide product photography?
Yes, Amazon provides product photography benefits anyplace and in the client area if the client has more items amount for the photoshoot.
3. Does Amazon have photographers?
An Amazon product photographic artist has practical experience in working with clients who sell their items on Amazon. They know about Amazon’s particular picture rules and understand the stuff to create extraordinary posting pictures.
4. Are Amazon Photos free?
Amazon Photos is free for anybody with an Amazon account, however without Amazon Prime participation, you’re limited to 5GiB. Be that as it may, if you are a Prime part, you get limitless, unique resolution photograph storage at no extra expense.
5. Why are my Amazon images blurry?
If the file size is too huge Amazon puts a more modest resolution picture on the screen to get it shown quick and afterwards fills in the higher res parts subsequently – giving a foggy to sharp picture north of a second or somewhere in the vicinity.
6. Are Amazon product images copyrighted?
Well, the response is no, except if there is an express authorization for such use or if you are certain such pictures aren’t protected.
7. Can I put my logo on Amazon pictures?
No, you can’t put a logo on Amazon pictures because it is against Amazon’s strategy. So you can’t put any logos on your pictures.
8. Is product photography in demand?
Product photography is a great beneficial industry, but the demand is evolving. A novice product photographer can make between $10-$30 per picture for an E-Commerce store and complete a task rapidly, while an expert can charge day rates in overabundance of $3,000, excluding licensing.
9. What are the leading lines in photography?
Leading lines will be lines that show up in a photo that has been outlined and situated by the picture taker to draw the viewer’s eye toward a particular focal point. These lines frequently attract the viewer’s eye to a particular bearing or towards an assigned part of the photo.
10. Can you have text on Amazon’s main image?
Primary pictures should exclude text, logos, borders, variety of blocks, watermarks, or different illustrations over an item or behind the scenes. Primary pictures should exclude different perspectives on a solitary item. Primary pictures should show the whole item that is available to be purchased.
11. How do I take photos for Amazon products?

Taking high-quality product photos for Amazon is important to showcase your product and attract potential customers. Here are some tips for taking great product photos for Amazon:

  1. Use a high-quality camera: While you can use your smartphone camera to take photos, a dedicated camera with higher resolution and better image quality will produce more professional-looking photos.
  2. Use a white background: Amazon requires all product photos to have a pure white background. You can achieve this by using a white sheet, poster board, or a lightbox.
  3. Take multiple photos from different angles: Take multiple shots of your product from different angles to showcase its features and design. Be sure to include shots of the product packaging if applicable.
  4. Use natural lighting: Natural lighting is the best for product photography. Avoid using flash as it can create harsh shadows and uneven lighting.
  5. Use a tripod: A tripod will help you take steady, consistent shots and avoid any blur.
  6. Edit your photos: After taking your photos, edit them to make them look even better. You can use software like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to adjust the brightness, contrast, and color balance.
  7. Follow Amazon’s guidelines: Be sure to follow Amazon’s image requirements, such as the size and resolution of the photos, as well as any restrictions on adding text or logos to the images.

By following these tips, you can create professional-looking product photos that will help you stand out on Amazon and attract more customers.

12. What is the best size for Amazon product images?
Amazon has specific image requirements for product photos, and it’s important to follow these guidelines to ensure that your photos meet the marketplace’s standards. Here are the recommended sizes for Amazon product images:
  1. Main image: The main image should be at least 1000 pixels on the longest side, with a minimum aspect ratio of 1:1 and a maximum aspect ratio of 1:1.5.
  2. Secondary images: The recommended size for secondary images is 1000 pixels on the longest side, with a minimum aspect ratio of 1:1 and a maximum aspect ratio of 3:1.
  3. Zoom feature images: If you’re using the zoom feature on Amazon, the image should be at least 1001 pixels on the longest side.
  4. Lifestyle images: Lifestyle images should be at least 1000 pixels on the longest side, with a minimum aspect ratio of 1:1 and a maximum aspect ratio of 3:1.
It’s important to note that Amazon has file size limitations as well, with a maximum file size of 10 MB per image. Following these guidelines will help ensure that your product photos look great and meet Amazon’s requirements.

Final Words

Amazon product photograph quality mirrors the brand picture, fabricating the initial feeling. This is an extraordinary chance for vendors. Each picture ought to be engaging, cleaned, and adequately proficient to summon the most extreme commitment.