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Professional Jewelry Retouching Service

Zenith Clipping is a leading jewelry photo editing services provider for photographers, magazines, advertising agencies & online stores.

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Jewelry Retouching is an advanced modification of the photos with the assistance of Photoshop or any other related software. Its main point is to improve the jewelry picture quality such as making the image more appealing by utilizing the light and shading effects, removing the spots, or scratches after photo shoot.
Jewelry Retouching

Why Jewelry Retouching Services is required?

Jewelry retouching service is really important for commercial purpose in this time of internet marketing. Now-a-days in most cases at first glance potential buyers pay attention to photos on e commerce websites. It has huge advertising potential to reach target audience. If you are looking for jewelry retouchers, then look no further! Our jewelry photos editing service provides attractive results that pull in individuals due to the brightness, deep colors, and nonappearance of downsides.
Zenith Clipping will give you faultless high end Jewelry Retouching services along with the general improvement of the images of jewelry pieces. Our core services include jewelry retouching services, background removal from jewelry images, color correction, color change, metal smoothing, dust reflection removal and a wide range of work with image edges including drop shadow/mirror effect photos.
Jewelry Retouching

Jewelry Photo Editing Service We Provide

Dust Reflection Removal

Background & mannequin removal

If you want to make your jewelry photographs look outstanding, you have to remove the dusty particles and low reflection. But if the task seems difficult to finish, then contact Zenith Clipping. We are always ready to support you.
We realize how to remove the background and mannequin from your jewelry pictures so that the modified photograph looks amazing and marvelous. Consequently, you will get incredible outcomes at a reasonable cost.

Color adjustment

Metal smoothing

If you are looking to recolor your jewelry picture or fix the color, then we are always ready to give you our color adjustment service. We can completely change the color and deliver you the work within a short time.
Metal smoothing is a tough job. Especially if you have various jewelry item photographs that require this sort of modifying, then you can contact us. Because we can easily improve your pictures.

Shine enhancement

Drop shadow and mirror effect

Give your jewelry images additional brightness using our retouching services. We know how you can attract people by enhancing the shine. That’s why we suggest you try our service once to analyze the work.
A group of expert designers can apply a reasonable drop shadow and mirror impacts to your pictures to make them capacious.

Jewelry manipulation

If you have to change the background, include components or objects, do necessary jewelry photography edits or manipulation – contact Zenith Clipping for getting better results.

Service Quotation

Are you wondering what amount does an expert Jewelry Retouching Service cost? Upload some pictures (either in .jpeg or raw format) to get the real cost. You are free to explain your demands and the style you are keen on. We will try our best to fulfill all of your requirements. If you have more queries, write your e-mail and our assistant will connect with you within 60 minutes.

Dust, Reflections & Shadows

Shadow is a vital element in retouching. Because it grabs the attention of the people. Also, it highlights the product and gives a stylish look. We can make shadows natural and realistic. Because we give emphasis on applying perfect shadow creation on your product.
Other factors that may totally spoil a jewelry product photo is dust and unnecessary reflections. Our professional designers are capable of clearing dust and unwanted reflections. As a result, all the product images will look amazing. It is the main thing that will help you greatly in your jewelry business.
Perfect Jewelry product photography requires putting a thing on an entirely flat surface. Then carefully diffuse light with the assistance of umbrellas and pure white paper to make beautiful scenery. If you didn’t do that, you may contact Zenith Clipping for jewelry retouching services. Our retouchers will quickly and adequately dispose of all things considered and will furnish you with ultimate jewelry photographs.
We offer :
  1. Dust Reflection Removal
  2. Clipping path and background removal
  3. Brightening
  4. Color changing
  5. Adding natural shadows
Jewelry Retouching Service

Removing Blemishes and Spots

The non-appearance of flaws or scratches is essential in jewelry retouching services. Since every customer needs to get the finest look, so you should introduce it in the best possible way. items that have eye-catching colors and no defects are sold rapidly, as customers are attracted by great looking products. So you can improve it by jewelry retouching services.
The flaws and spots of your photograph may persuade clients that your items are of inferior quality. If you don’t know about how to sort these defects appropriately, then you are welcome to Zenith Clipping. Because we will put a strong effort to polish the look of a jewelry item and bring back its visual beauty in photos.
If you decide to expand your business and make your photos look stunning to the clients, you may take help of our jewelry retouchers. Because it will bring you the ultimate result with numerous benefits. The entire procedure – from making a request to the final outcome will take just a few working days.
We offer
  1. Background removal
  2. Light & color correction
  3. Gems editing
  4. Adding shine
  5. Costly metal color improvement

Adding Shine

Adding shine is one of the significant works of jewelry retouching, as it helps sell the item more rapidly and successfully. Everyone is attracted by the shiny jewelry photograph, especially women. So it is a very crucial point.
A small jewelry product that is worn by a bare or semi-naked lady will look attractive if you add a great deal of shine in a photo. It is regularly the situation of such jewelry components such as steels, gems, diamonds, stones, etc.
What to do if the photographer didn’t include the necessary measure of shine? The experienced retouchers from Zenith Clipping can make the gems in photos shiny and charming like a genuine precious stone. They will include a shimmery and sparkling impact on each and every component of a gems photograph.
We offer :
  1. Light & color correction
  2. Background and objects removal
  3. Costly metal color improvement
  4. Gems editing
  5. Photo compositing

Removing Unwanted Elements

Some additional flaws or totally unnecessary subtleties that were caught by a photographer may demolish the general impression of the jewelry photographs. Current clients need to purchase items that have zero defects, so they simply click on the photos that appear the most engaging to the eye. Therefore, removing these defects with the assistance of an expert jewelry photo retoucher is absolutely an unquestionable requirement.
If you need to take out specific things from the jewelry photographs, take object removal service provided by Zenith Clipping. As a result, all the focus will be put on the main jewelry item and no unwanted components will take all the consideration.
The Zenith Clipping Jewelry photography retouchers fix all the blemishes. They make a solid effort to make all gems photos new, lovely, and outstanding. Everything will be delivered on time and with 100% satisfaction.
We offer :
  1. Background and objects removal
  2. Gems editing
  3. Adding natural shadows
  4. Light and color correction
  5. Stone color improvement

Need help with jewelry photo retouching services?

Our other image editing services

Zenith Clipping is one of the best jewelry photo editing services provider in Bangladesh. We offer the best quality jewelry photo enhancement service. We are a well-reputed top-ranked image editing company serving since 2010. Our jewelry retouchers help companies showcase their products more effectively. We provide a wide range of image retouching services.

Image Clipping Path

Photoshop Clipping Path is provided using the photoshop pen tool to cut out an object or removes the background. Zenith Clipping ensures that images look good which will attract customers and increase sales.

Image Masking Service

Sometimes we need to edit complicated images that can not be edited by Clipping Path. Here comes the Image Masking Service. Zenith Clipping ensures that every image gets edited perfectly via photoshop masking.

Color Correction Service

Color Correction service is the process of changing the color of an image. Sometimes we need to change color or create variation with different color for the same object. Zenith Clipping offers this service to its client.

Shadow Creation

Shadow Creation Service is very important to reveal the natural beauty of an image when a product is required to appear online. It presents the product with a sensible and very realistic look.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

Ghost Mannequin Effect allows removing the mannequin and background to give a hollow look. It helps to display only images of your garments without the dummy. We help clients adding ghost mannequin effect.

Photo Retouching

Zenith Clipping offers Photo Retouching Service which is a one kind of image manipulation process to make an image eye-catchy and more attractive. It makes the image look more refined, cleaner, and shiny.

Product Photo Editing

We all know that a picture is a visual content worth a thousand words. We help ecommerce business owner editing their product photos professionally. This helps them grow their sales and helps them make more revenue.

Photo Background Removal

Zenith Clipping is a leading image background removal service provider for product photographers, Wedding photographers, Food Photographers, fashion photographers, Magazines, Advertising Agencies & online stores.

Are you looking for a jewelry retouching services provider in Bangladesh? Let’s try Zenith Clipping!

About Zenith Clipping

Zenith Clipping is a professional jewelry image retouching services provider in Bangladesh. We have a team of more than 150 Photoshop professionals. We have 12+ years of experience in image editing services. We have become one of the fastest-growing e-commerce product photos editors since 2010.Learn more
Clipping Path Service by Zenith Clipping

Benefits of Jewelry Retouching Services

  1. Improved product appearance: Jewelry retouching services can enhance the overall appearance of the jewelry, making it more visually appealing to potential customers. This can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.
  2. Greater detail: Retouching can bring out finer details in the jewelry, allowing potential customers to see the intricate design and craftsmanship more clearly.
  3. Enhanced color: Photo retouching can help to restore or enhance the color of the jewelry, making it more vibrant and true to life.
  4. Removing distractions: Retouching can remove any distracting elements in the background of the photo, allowing the jewelry to be the main focus.
  5. Improved lighting: Photo retouching can help to balance and improve the lighting in a photo, making the jewelry more prominent and attractive.
  6. Consistency: Retouching can ensure that all photos of the same piece of jewelry have a consistent appearance, helping to build trust and credibility with potential customers.
  7. Increased versatility: Retouching can allow a single photo of a piece of jewelry to be used in a variety of marketing materials and platforms, increasing its versatility and value.
  8. Professional appearance: Professional-quality photo retouching can help to give your business a more polished and professional appearance, increasing customer confidence in your brand.
  9. Increased customer engagement: High-quality photos can help to engage potential customers and encourage them to learn more about your jewelry.
  10. Competitive advantage: Having professionally retouched photos of your jewelry can give you an edge over your competitors, helping you to stand out in a crowded market.

Make Your Jewelry Shine Online: Get a Free Quote

Want to showcase your stunning jewelry online but worried your photos don’t capture all the sparkle and detail? Professional retouching company can transform your images, making them pop off the page.

We remove flaws, enhance colors, and sharpen details so customers can admire the intricate craftsmanship of your pieces. The result? Increased sales, happier customers, and a stronger brand image – all thanks to high-quality photos that truly showcase the beauty of your jewelry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is jewelry retouching services?

It is the process of digitally enhancing photos to improve their appearance. This may include enhancing the color, lighting, jewelry shadow, removing any distractions or blemishes in the background of the photo.

Why do businesses need to make  jewelry photographs flowless?

Businesses in the jewelry industry may use high-end jewelry retouching to improve the appearance of their  ornaments photographs . High-quality photos can help to engage potential customers and encourage them to learn more about the jewelry, which can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

How does image retouching services benefit jewelry photographers?

Photographers who specialize in photographing jewelry can use photo retouching to improve the appearance of their photos and deliver high-quality images to their clients. This can help to increase the value of their work and differentiate their services from those of their competitors.

How do I choose a jewelry photo editing services?

When choosing a professional photo editing company or freelancer, consider the following factors: the company’s reputation, the quality of their work, their turnaround time, and the cost of their services. It may also be helpful to ask for samples of their previous work or to get recommendations from other industry professionals.

Can I retouch my own jewelry product photo?

It is possible to retouch your own using photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. However, it can be a time-consuming process, and it may be beneficial to hire a professional image manipulation service if you want to achieve high-quality results.

Is photo retouching a permanent change to the jewelry image?

No, photo retouching is a digital process that does not physically alter the original photo. The retouching changes can be undone or modified at any time, as long as the original photo is still available.

Can jewelry retouching be used to improve the appearance of the ornaments?

While some adjustments to the color or shine of the jewelry may be possible with photo retouching, it is generally not recommended to use the service to drastically alter the appearance. Doing so may mislead potential customers and damage the credibility of the business.

Can jewelry photo retouching be used to fix physical flaws in the jewelry?
No, jewelry photo retouching cannot fix physical flaws in the jewelry. It can only enhance the appearance of the jewelry in the photo.

How long does the retouching jewelry take?

The length of the process can vary depending on the complexity of the retouching needed and the workload of the retouching. Some services may be able to complete the process within a few hours or days, while others may take longer. It is important to discuss turnaround time with the  service before beginning the process.

Do I need to provide the original photo for jewelry photo retouching?

Yes, it is generally necessary to provide the original, unedited photo for jewelry photo retouching. This will allow the retouching service to make the necessary changes and ensure the best possible results.

Can I request specific changes for my jewelry photo retouching?
Yes, you can typically request specific changes or adjustments for your jewelry photo retouching. It is a good idea to provide clear instructions and examples of the desired changes to ensure that the retouching service understands your vision.

Is jewelry photo editing expensive?

The cost of jewelry photo editing can vary depending on the complexity of the retouching needed and the rate of the retouching service. Some services may offer packages or bulk discounts for multiple photos. It is a good idea to shop around and compare prices to find the best value for your business.

Can jewelry photo retouching be used for online sales only or can it also be used for physical catalogues?
Jewelry photo retouching can be used for both online and physical marketing materials, such as website product listings, social media posts, and printed catalogues. It can help to improve the appearance of the jewelry in any type of marketing material, increasing the chances of attracting potential customers.
Can jewelry photo retouching service be used for any type of jewelry?
Yes, jewelry retouching services can be used for any type of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and watches.
Is jewelry photo retouching the same as jewelry photoshopping?
The terms “jewelry photo retouching” and “jewelry photoshopping” are often used interchangeably and can refer to similar processes. However, photo retouching typically refers to the process of enhancing the appearance of an existing photo, while photoshopping can refer to creating a completely new image or manipulating an existing image in more significant ways.