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Zenith Clipping is a leading product photo editing service provider for photographers, magazines, advertising agencies & online stores.

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What is product photo editing service?

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Thus, when you want to sell a product, a good picture of the product can help you to entice customers into purchasing quickly. In fact, customers like to view pictures of products more than reading text descriptions. So, if the pictures of the product you want to sell are not good, it can leave a bad impression on the minds of your potential customers.

Product photo editing service providers use special image editing techniques to make product pictures more viewer- friendly and appealing. Image editing service providers use photo editing techniques like background removal, color correction, clipping path, ghost mannequin, etc. to give the product pictures a professional look. A good image editing company can even create 360 degree photos.

Who needs product photo editing services?

Ecommerce store owners need to display thousands of pictures on their website to sell a variety of products. If the pictures are not optimized for good viewing experience, it cannot attract customers and compel them to buy your products. Don’t make the rookie mistake of trying to edit the product images on your own using free image editing tools.

Product photo editing in photoshop is not easy and if you don’t know what you are doing, you can make the picture worse.

Also, it is impossible to edit thousands of images on your own. You will waste a lot of time trying to perfect every detail, which you can put towards expanding your business. So, you must hire a product photo editor or professional photo editing company who can work efficiently and get the job done quickly to help you save time.

Why is it necessary to create the perfect product images?

Nowadays, most people buy products online from online marketplaces. As they cannot physically touch the products they want to buy, you need to provide them with suitable pictures that can arouse their other senses. This helps them to get a feel for the product.
Just think about it. How many times have you avoided purchasing products because the images displayed were of low quality and didn’t provide much information? Good quality images help to authenticate the description of the products and make it easier for the buyers to make a decision. It also increases the trustworthiness, visual appeal, and brand value of your website and company.
So, whether you sell apparel, automobiles, jewelry, furniture, food items, electronics, fashion items, real estate, etc. you can benefit greatly by hiring us to professionally edit your product photos.
Best Product Photo Editing Service

How much does photo editing cost for product photography?

The prices for commercial product photography editing usually start from $0.49 per image and go up depending on the complexity of the edits needed. It will also vary according to the photo editing agency you hire to perform the job, and the order volume.

The total cost of the project will depend on the type of editing techniques required to edit your product photos. An estimate of various product photo editing service rates per image depending on the editing techniques are given below:


Clipping Path –
$0.39 – $2.99


Image Masking –
$0.99 – $3.99


Color Correction –
$0.39 – $19.99


Shadow Creation –
$0.10 – $0.49


Ghost Mannequin –
$0.49 – $1.99


Image Retouching –
$1.99 – $19.99
You should only opt for the best product photo editing services as cheap product photo editing can do you more harm than good. Thus, photo editing for product photography should only be performed by experts.
What product is best for basic photo editing?
Some people may not be able to afford product photography photo editing services. They can use a simple or free product photo editing software to edit the photos.
Here are some of the best product basic photo editing software:



This is a free image editing tool but it is packed with advanced features. There are no ads or limitations associated with the product. For basic photo editing, it is perfect but with some practice, you can do advanced photography edits as well.


Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

This is a browser-based free image editing tool that is similar to the premium photo editing software known as Adobe Photoshop. It supports advanced filters and is ideal for people who like working in Photoshop but cannot afford it.


Pixlr X

This is a popular online photo editing tool that is free to use and ideal for users who want to do some basic photography edits. Many users consider this one of the best online photo editing tools.
What is the best product photo editing method for amazon product listing?
According to the product image requirements listed by Amazon, the background of the product images should be pure white and it should have realistic color and smooth edges. The clipping path photo editing method can be used to create a white background and the color correction editing method can be used to create realistic colors. For getting the best results, you have to tweak the tint and saturation or adjust the white balance sliders.

You should also remove unwanted elements, dust, or stains from the image by using the clone stamp tool. The crop tool will allow you to crop the image and set the desired frame size in relation to the image. It can also help you to bring the product into focus or draw attention to it.

There are many free image editing tools available nowadays and you can edit your product images using any popular tool. With some practice, you can do some good edit but to get the best edits possible, you should hire a professional photo editing agency or an experienced product photo editor.