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Our regular delivery time 24 hours. Special service to deliver the project asap within 6 hours and 12 hours.

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If you work with us regularly then we will assign a dedicated team for you. This team will help you get quality work.

Our image editing services

Zenith Clipping is a hand drawn clipping path provider in Bangladesh. We offer the best quality clipping paths. We are a well-reputed top-ranked image editing company serving online shop owner and advertising agency since 2010. Our clipping path service helps companies showcase their products more effectively. We provide a wide range of photo retouching service.

Image Clipping Path

Photoshop Clipping Path is provided using the photoshop pen tool to cut out an object or removes the background. Zenith Clipping ensures that images look good which will attract customers and increase sales.

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Image Masking Service

Sometimes we need to edit complicated images that can not be edited by Clipping Path. Here comes the Image Masking Service. Zenith Clipping ensures that every image gets edited perfectly via photoshop masking.

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Photo Retouching

Zenith Clipping offers Photo Retouching Service which is a one kind of image manipulation process to make an image eye-catchy and more attractive. It makes the image look more refined, cleaner, and shiny.

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Color Correction Service

Color Correction service is the process of changing the color of an image. Sometimes we need to change color or create variation with different color for the same object. Zenith Clipping offers this service to its client.

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Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost mannequin service allows removing the mannequin and background to give a hollow look. It helps to display only images of your garments without the dummy. We help clients adding ghost mannequin effect.

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Shadow Creation

Shadow Creation Service is very important to reveal the natural beauty of an image when a product is required to appear online. It presents the product with a sensible and very realistic look. We help our clients with drop and natural shadow.

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Product Photo Editing

We all know that a picture is a visual content worth a thousand words. We help ecommerce business owner editing their product photos professionally. This helps them grow their sales and helps them make more revenue.

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Background Removal

Zenith Clipping is a leading image background removal service provider for product photographers, Wedding photographers, Food Photographers, fashion photographers, Magazines, Advertising Agencies & online stores.

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Why photo cutout service is required?

In online business imagery, a white background is an absolute necessity. Numerous online stores have a rigorous photography approach towards the product images. They request images with a white background from their sellers. Practically 90% of requests we receive are associated with image cutout, getting totally invisible or white background. It is the best photograph touch-ups strategy to remove unnecessary objects that confuse or distract buyers from buying the product.
If you are looking for photo cutout service, then look no further! Zenith Clipping is a professional image cutout company in Bangladesh, will take care of all your photo editing needs. Zenith Clipping will give you faultless background removal service along with the general improvement of the image. Our core services include neck joint service, color correction, color change, photo retouching, picture compression and a wide range of work with image edges including shadows/reflections.

Advantages of Photo Cutout Service

In the era of graphic designing and photo editing, cutting path service is widely used across the globe. To improve a picture, this service has extraordinary value. It can cut a picture as per the need of the designers. It is additionally used to remove background from pictures. The prospective patterns in the globe of image editing programs and digital imagery have offered much help in improving the resolution of the images.
The most recent innovation in the digital imagery field has enhanced the scope for photographers and graphic designers. Background removal, right color correction, background selection, layering and resizing improve the quality of the images. The image cutout service requires the procedure which includes the cutting of the necessary segment of the image from the rest of the picture.

Photo Cutout Services for Furniture Photography

The main thing when selling furniture online is to impress the customers about the look and nature of the items when they can't touch them. This should be possible just through convincing pictures.

We understand high-quality images play a significant role in the achievement of an online business. Clear and appealing pictures can grab the eye of buyers.

So you ought to consistently take extraordinary consideration that the pictures of furniture you transfer on your online store are wonderful in all regards.

Photo Cutout Services like background removal, colour correction, shadow creation, unwanted object removal can take the style of your photographs to a higher level. Zenith Clipping is one of the best cutout service providers.

Furniture Photo Editing
Our professional retouchers will eliminate the background and supplant it with a transparent and white one. They will make an exact framework of an object.

Photo Cutout for Cosmetics Photography

Clipping path services make your online cosmetics photos look incredible on the smooth white foundation. We offer a wide range of image editing service like supplanting background, resizing, adding vital boundaries, picture pivoting, and so on.

Our retouchers will replace the current background with a white one to make your cosmetics photographs look more glowing and eye-catchy. Your pictures will meet the latest online business photograph necessities.

So it is the best procedure to eliminate all the things that disconnect the potential buyers from your online cosmetics business. We have became of of the best clipping path providers.


Image Cut Out Services for eCommerce Photography

If you are an eCommerce retailer, you will be enthused about eCommerce photography and the kinds of photographs you use on your landing page or different pages in order to draw the attention of the customers in your blog. Through eCommerce photography, when you shoot the items' pictures, the main thing that comes into the picture is the clipping path services.

Image editing service empower the creation of incredible, appealing and light pictures that fit in your online store and bring ultimate success.

Photo Cutout Service for Product Photography

A clipping path is a vector realistic that outlines an engaged subject. It is a piece of photograph altering for detaching the subject from the uproarious foundation. Image editing service can likewise assist with supplanting your chosen subject of the picture to any background for better exposure.

Our photo editing professionals will make reasonable looking shadows and add reflections so it will appear as though your products were remaining on the glass surface.

Clipping Path

Clipping Path Service for Shoes Photography

The interest in shoe photograph editing services is growing step by step. Do you know why? People purchase different kinds of stylish shoes from eCommerce stores. That’s why visualization has become an essential part of the eCommerce industry.

We help to promote your footwear by giving proficient shoe photo editing services. Moreover, our professional shoe photo editors are experienced in shoe photograph fixing.

Fundamentally, shoe background removing, shoe clipping path, trimming and resizing are common in this regard. We have been working for most of the shoe photographers and businesses from the USA, UK, Newzealand, Australia, Canada and Europe.


Are you looking for the best photo cutout services provider in Bangladesh? Let’s try with Zenith Clipping!

About Zenith Clipping

Zenith Clipping is a best photo cutout service provider in Bangladesh with more than 150 Photoshop professionals. We have been working in the image editing industry efficiently more than 12+ years of experience. We are the fastest-growing image cutout company in Bangladesh.  Our client rated us one of the trusted image cutout companies. Our pricing starts at USD 39c per image. Zenith Clipping is a B2B photo cutout service provider. Contact us any time for advanced photo cutout services.

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Clipping Path Service by Zenith Clipping

Why Choose Our Company for Photo Cutout Service?

On-Time Delivery

Our 150+ professional photoshop experts always make sure to deliver your project on-time.

Competitive Price

We offer a very competitive price. Our pricing starts from $0.39 per image.

100% Secured File Transfer

Hassle-Free and quick system is available for File Transfer. Secure FTP, WeTransfer and Dropbox is available to send files. You can also send us files via 3rd party links.

Flexible Payment System

Our payment system is secured and hassle-free. Payment can be made via PayPal or Wire Transfer. You can pay us on a monthly basis or project to project basis.


We offer an exclusive discount for a large volume of images. We offer a free trial of up to 2 images to judge our service quality before work order.

Emergency Service

If you need processed images within a short period of time, then our service is best for you. An extra charge is applicable.

Bulk Order Processing

Our team is capable of processing bulk images without sacrificing quality. We can process up to 5000 images per day. We will deliver all the images within the required time. We can process up to 1500000+ images per year.

100% Quality Ensured

We conduct 3 steps quality check & we follow 100% client's instruction to ensure the finest quality & glamorous images. We have 20 quality controllers to ensure 100% quality of your images. We never compromise with quality.

Businesses that Get Benefit from image cut out service

Among all image editing services, image cutout service is the most demanded service. Basically, image cutout service is used to change an image background. Likewise, companies may need PNG pictures without background if pictures are to be used on different platforms. The following are the businesses that require professional photo editing services regularly.

Website Development Companies

Website design and development firms need to make their sites engaging and creative with gorgeous images. Having a decent supply of images can be exceptionally useful for them. Appealing pictures can add to the class of the sites. These companies can use clipped images for site pages, e-commerce sites, blogs, and many more.

E-Commerce Businesses

In the online world, images are the best way to get an idea about the physical aspects of the product. Images serve an important role when buyers don’t have the benefit of viewing genuine products before buying. Online customers give great attention to pictures and understand the product’s looking through its pictures. So, the product images on e-commerce stores must be splendidly edited. Images should be flawless and of high quality, whether it is a business-to-business or business-to-customer store.

Photo Studios

Customers expect a photo studio to deliver appealing images. However, sometimes a bad background can destroy the general look of the image. That is the time photo studios can take picture cutout services to add a suitable background to the image. Image cutout services become highly essential if the studio deals in product photography where the background is always a major concern.

Clothing Industry

Clothing companies need images to print on their apparel. Additionally, the picture of clothing along with a model having the apparel is extremely well known nowadays. Thus, these producers mostly collaborate with photo editing service providers to take care of their needs.

Digital Agencies

Digital agencies promote products and brands on many online platforms and images have a crucial role in this regard. Digital agencies require numerous clipped images to be utilized for promotions. High-quality images always bring great results on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. A professional photo cutout service provider can assist you with all the photo editing services.

Advertisement Agencies

Advertisements companies can’t manage without clipped images as they have to use them from time to time. Apart from print ads and online advertisements, images can also be used for television ads. For striking advertisements, these organizations take the services of image cutout companies to fulfill their photo editing needs.

Publication Houses

Like websites, publication houses also need to have images for a better understanding of the point being talked about. Besides, it makes the published material look appealing. That is why publication houses need to clip images frequently. These pictures can be used in books, journals, magazines, diaries, etc. to enhance the reader’s overall experience.

Modeling Agencies

The use of striking and creative images is the basic demand of modeling agencies. These agencies need clipped images to make a portfolio for models. They partner with the best image editing company for photo cut out service and make their portfolios intensely appealing.

Real Estate

Real estate companies require high-quality and precise images for the promotion of numerous projects or properties. Usually, cut out image services are required for images used on online websites and print ads. The tremendous interest in high-quality images has compelled various image editing companies to concentrate on this niche.

Frequently Asked Questions by Our Clients

What is a photo cut out service?

Photo Cutout Service is an extensively utilized photo editing service. We offer Professional photo cut out service for oneself and all, going from proficient necessities to individual solicitations. Photoshop Image Cutout Services helps specialists to separate a specific piece of a picture from its inconsistent foundation.

What are the cut out images called?

To the extent that what these pictures are called, they’re for the most part alluded to as masked, knockout, or cut pictures.

Where can I cut photos for free?

YouCam Perfect is the best free photograph altering application. It’s far more straightforward and speedier than Photoshop photograph-altering tools yet with a large number of similar outcomes.

Is cutout Pro free?

Downloading full-resolution pictures requires credit and cutout.pro costs by the credit. A heft of 40 pictures downloaded goes for $5 each month on the membership service. If you have more pictures hope to pay $69 or more.

How do I cut a face out of a picture?

You can easily cut a face out of a picture in the following way,

  • Download the YouCam Perfect App.
  • Open the application and transfer your image.
  • Explore the Cutout apparatus and select the face you need to remove from the image by “painting” over it.
  • Save your cutout pattern.

Is PNG better than JPEG?

The greatest benefit of PNG over JPEG is that the pressure is lossless, significance there is no misfortune in quality each time it is opened and saved once more. PNG likewise handles definite, high-contrast pictures well.

How do you cut someone out of a picture and put them in another?

Select the Lasso from your toolbar and utilize a similar interaction as the magic wand tool. Float over the individual until the rope gets the framework with specked lines. Snap to choose the individual. After the determination is finished, utilize a similar reorder succession to add your individual to the new photograph.

Who needs photo cutout service?

Photo cutout service has been a gigantic accomplishment for the internet business industry, such as eBay, Amazon, and so on, and its steadily developing requirements for item photography. The Image Cut Out Service can store pictures on a white or straightforward foundation in a web-based store or make an image. Likewise, Photoshop can be utilized to correct and work on the photographs, so they look better. Many spots that shouldn’t be there, similar to kinks or soil, are supplanted because particular tones can be smoothed or changed.