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15 Best Photography Magazines You Should Follow in 2021

Photography magazines aren’t just useful for motivation. They’re loaded with instructional exercises, industry features, new apparatus knowledge, and significantly more. However, what photography magazines should you take out of the rack? There are tons of magazines available on photography. So today we will discuss the most famous 15 photography magazines you should read in 2020.

1. Outdoor Photography

outdoor photography
Outdoor Photography is an incredible photography magazine focused on the outside. The thing that matters is that Outdoor Photography is a UK-based magazine. The magazine includes everything you’d require. The magazine works effectively to shoot news and gear reviews around the UK. It also has various features with tips from industry specialists. A one-year subscription costs about $64 for UK readers. The distribution will also transport to Europe and different areas worldwide for a higher rate.

2. Photography Week

photography week
Photography Week is a computerized photography magazine. They intend to assist photographers in taking full advantage of their abilities and publish in the magazine. Alongside instructional exercises, the magazine distributes the most recent highlighted news. They additionally include industry insight and special features. The magazine was initially designed for iPhone and iPad. Presently it’s likewise accessible for Kindle and Fire gadgets just as others. The application is allowed to download, however, subscriptions are a couple of bucks an issue or somewhat over $20 per year.

3. Digital Photo

digital photo
Digital Photo magazine publishes instructional exercises for passionate photographers. The magazine also covers several features, industry news, photography articles, etc. The magazine’s greatest spotlight is to provide excellent guidelines for taking better photographs. They also help the photographers to enhance their photography skills. This is a quarterly magazine. Digital Photo also publishes online blogs and provides photography tips. Therefore, it gradually increases the hidden talent of a photographer. Madavor Media is the owner of Digital Photo, alongside Digital Photo Pro and Outdoor Photographer. A one-year subscription costs about $12.

4. Olympus Magazine

olympus magazine
Olympus UK has published Olympus Magazine. It’s a magnificent asset for utilizing the organization’s OM-D and Stylus cameras. Unlike different magazines on this list, Olympus Magazine is free — and totally computerized. Olympus photography magazine covers a wide range of topics. The magazine also publishes contests, industry news, and beautifully packaged editorial. There’s no print version. But the advanced Olympus Magazine is all around designed with a clean classy look. Furthermore, it has a modern outstanding design to take advantage of the digital format.

5. Professional Photographer

professional photographer
Professional Photographer magazine doesn’t publish articles for amateur photographers. It tailors articles to the individuals who utilize the camera as a career tool. The magazine publishes photography reviews and industry news. They also offer business tips and insights from industry specialists. The magazine is distributed by the Professional Photographers of America. Professional Photographer is published monthly and the subscription costs $20 per year.

6. Digital Camera

Digital Camera is likewise called Digital Camera World outside the UK. This magazine mainly focuses on DSLR and mirrorless photography. It covers articles that provide motivation and strategies for photographers. Digital Camera contains a decent mix to assist photographers by keeping up to date over the most recent industry news. It’s likewise incredible for those hoping to dive into new methods and thoughts. This is a yearly magazine. It’s useful for amateurs and even professional photographers who are looking for something new to explore. Print subscriptions go around $10. Moreover, digital editions are also accessible for around $6 per month.

7. Click Magazine

The editors of Click portray published articles for professional photographers. The contemporary photography magazine focuses on a female audience. It goes with the Clickin’ Moms blog as a print asset. Click magazine covers different topics. From business tips to motivation, tutorials for photographers, and more. The magazine is published six times each year. subscriptions are available in print, digital, or both. A one-year computerized subscription costs $18. You can get both the digital and print version for $24 for one year or $44 for two years.

8. Aperture Magazine

Aperture magazine is a photography journal made by the Aperture Foundation. Aperture is a great photography magazine. It is just not a publication covering only the how-tos. The journal highlights top photography artists, their thoughts, featured images, and industry news. The Aperture Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to make a strong relationship in the photography community. To achieve this Aperture magazine plays a vital role. The magazine focuses on sharing great works and ideas. There are different options for getting subscriptions. You can pick one that includes both print and digital. It’s $75 per year or $110 as well as you can access the online archives. On the other hand, go for an advanced and archive subscription. This is $60 per year or $10 every month.

9. PDN Magazine

PDN stands for Photo District News. It is a photography trade journal. The monthly subscription of PDN covers news, various tutorials, product reviews, and industry insight. PDN photography magazine also publishes articles on recently-released photography books. PDN yearly subscriptions cost in the range of $65 and $125 for a year, depending on your location. The digital subscription costs $45 every year.

10. Photoshop Creative

photoshop creative
There are a lot of magazines focused on just photography. Photoshop Creative is one of those few magazines that focuses on what happens after you snap a picture. The magazine covers topics on photo editing through Photoshop and Photoshop tools. It also shares plenty of photo editing ideas and a way to implement them. A single issue of Photoshop Creative expenses about $14.

11. Outdoor Photographer

outdoor photographer
Outdoor Photographer magazine combines photography and the outdoors. It’s a publication that focuses on getting out with your camera and taking outdoor photographs. The photography magazine covers anything outdoors, from landscapes to natural life photography. Outdoor Photographer highlights mainly dream photography locations, professional photography insight, and technical things. Moreover, the magazine includes industry-related news. There are 11 issues every year. Outdoor Photographer magazine costs around $16 for a yearly subscription. But the digital subscription is only $1, quite cheaper, right?

12. B&W Magazine

As an artistic work photography magazine, B&W has a great focus on art. Like its name, B&W highlights black & white photography. The magazine covers a wide range of topics, for example, documentary photography, photography contests, and so on. B&W is a popular photography magazine. The magazine is published bi-monthly. Subscription costs depending on your area. A subscription for American readers is $35 per year and $60 for global readers. B&W photography magazine also offers a free trial. This is really great if you want to check the amazing features of the magazine before purchase.

13. Foam Magazine

Foam Magazine
Foam Magazine adopts a different strategy. The contemporary photography magazine concentrates on each issue around a particular subject. According to that topic, the magazine publishes articles, interviews, and obviously, excellent photographs. The photography magazine is also frequently noted for quality printing. This helps to show off the photos inside. Foam Magazine releases three issues every year. A yearly subscription costs €59.

14. Amateur Photographer

amateur photographer
In 1884, Amateur Photographer printed their first issue. This is the most established weekly photography magazine for newbies. Today, you can get to the Amateur Photographer site as well as subscribe to the print magazine. This makes Amateur Photographer a standout amongst other photography magazines for photographers. This magazine has the latest news and trends in the industry. AP magazine covers all essential topics that you want to know. Such as reviews, industry news, photography tips, and tricks, photography guidelines, etc. That’s why it is not only useful for amateurs but also for professional photographers. The magazine is accessible in both print and digital versions. Subscription prices fluctuate from $237 to $254 per year.

15. Digital Photo Pro Magazine

Digital Photo Pro is Digital Photo magazine’s other version. Digital Photo Pro conveys a similar range of topics. However, it’s main focus is to provide information to professional photographers. There are different types of blogs you will get in the Digital Photo Pro. Those blogs are very informative and you can know a lot of things. The magazine provides articles on photography tutorials and topics. Also, it covers business topics. A one-year subscription to Digital Photo Pro costs about $20.

Final Words on Best Photography Magazines

Photography magazine is an incredible way to enhance photography skills. No matter what level you are on, you will definitely achieve something by following photography magazines. Also, you’ll find motivation from industry leaders. So if you are looking for the best photography magazines, undoubtedly you can select anyone from the above.

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