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Zenith Clipping is the best clipping path company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We offer our services to photographers, magazines, advertising agencies & online stores.

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Clipping path service or deep etching is a Photoshop-based service. It is used for removing the background from images or cutout an object from images. You can cut any picture from your main image background with the top-class edge. Using photoshop for clipping path service, we can easily make your image transparent, add specific colors as well as an accurate selection of the image. A Pen Tool (clipping path tool) is used to create a clipping path design in Photoshop. This tool is compelling and is a must to make a clipping path. If you want to know more about how to clipping path, then read our FAQ section.

Why clipping path service is required?

In online business imagery, a white background is an absolute necessity. Numerous online stores have a rigorous photography approach towards the product images. They request images with a white background from their sellers. Practically 90% of requests we receive are associated with clipping path service, getting totally invisible or white background. It is the best photograph touch-ups strategy to remove unnecessary objects that confuse or distract buyers from buying the product.

If you are looking for photo clipping path service, then look no further! Zenith Clipping is a professional photo editing company in Bangladesh, will take care of all your photo editing needs. Zenith Clipping will give you faultless background removal service along with the general improvement of the image. Our core services include background removal, color correction, color change, photo retouching, picture compression and a wide range of work with image edges including shadows/reflections.


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Who needs Clipping Path Service?

Clipping Path Services has become essential for various businesses and individuals to enhance visual content quality. Professional photographers use this service to separate subjects from backgrounds. It allows them to enhance the integration and flexibility into various projects. In this digital age it is necessary for ecommerce companies to present their ecommerce product images more attractively for potential clients. Online retailers are another major user of this service. It helps them to extract product images from the backgrounds and ensure a more clean and visually appealing display. E-commerce retailers prefer this service to stay in the competitive online market. Studio managers and publication houses also consider this service to ensure their images are up to publication standards.

Furthermore, reasonable prices and efficient service make it suitable for a broad audience. Affordable prices, in combination with effective services, make it attractive for businesses and individuals. 

What are the Benefits of Clipping Path Service?

Clipping Path services offer several benefits for businesses engaged in online retail, modeling agencies, and online marketplaces. It is essential to enhance an image’s overall visual appeal. Its effectiveness for image retouching enhances product visual appeal to develop strong brand identity. These masking services can handle intensive image-editing tasks efficiently. It saves time for online businesses and allows them to focus on online marketplaces. It is easy for modeling agencies to achieve invisible mannequin effects using its layer masking features at the lowest cost. It ensures high accuracy and precision in isolating objects from images, which helps in maintaining product image integrity. It may help in developing client trust and increasing sales.

Clipping Path Service aids in removing flaws, which is essential for modeling agencies showcasing flawless product representation. The resulting clipped images have smaller file sizes. It facilitates easy uploads on popular platforms like eBay and Amazon. It also enhances user experience with faster loading times. Compatibility of clipped images with graphic design software streamlines workflow for editors and designers in online photo editing services. With a massive team dedicated to masking services, Clipping Path Service becomes a valuable resource for businesses aiming for high-quality images, a critical element for success in the competitive online marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions by Our Clients

What does the clipping path service?

Clipping Path service is a powerful feature in Photoshop for photo editing. It allows the users to cut, remove, out, or clip an image from the background. This tool helps even where many powerful tools fail. It helps in different scenarios but is especially useful when using product features against a multicolored or complex background. 

What is the basic clipping Path Service?

Basic Clipping path service involves the procedure of image manipulation. The major purpose of this technique is to remove the undeserving background from an image. It allows the users to extract the image from an odd background.

What are the requirements of a basic Clipping Path Service?

The basic clipping path service is used when a product has a simple shape. A single path layer is needed to create a clipping path. Only a few anchor points are required for the basic clipping path. Objects such as bowls, mobile phones, back covers, books, and body spray are considered for this service.

What’s the difference between Clipping Path and Background removal service?

Usually, people assume both are the same because the background is removed. However, a background removal service involves the separation of a product image shape from the backdrop. It consists of the removal of destructive elements from the background. The clipping Path service is a systematic process of removing image backgrounds using the pen tool. 

What is a Clipping Path Service, and how does it help in Background Removal?

A Clipping Path Service is a technique used to separate an object from its background, commonly employed for Background Removal. It ensures a clean and precise cutout to remove unwanted elements.

Can Advertising Agencies benefit from Clipping Path Services?

Yes, they need visually appealing images for marketing campaigns. Using these services, they can enhance product presentation. It helps them by removing backgrounds to give their products a professional look.