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Zenith Clipping is a leading Ghost Mannequin Service/ Neck Joint Service provider for photographers, magazines, advertising agencies & online stores.

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What is Ghost Mannequin Service / Neck Joint Service?

The invisible ghost mannequin service is a photo editing technique that is used to create the illusion of an invisible person wearing a dress. Ghost mannequin editing is done to remove the mannequin from the pictures. However, even models can be removed from the pictures, leaving only the realistic image of the clothing products. It is also known as Neck-joint service.

The Ghost mannequin effect can be done in Photoshop or any other popular image editing tool. Using Photoshop to create ghost mannequin effect is not easy and takes a lot of knowledge and practice. So, you should always hire a professional photo editing companies to do the job for you.

Advantage of Ghost Mannequin Service / Neck Joint Service?

Selling products online is much harder than selling products in a physical retail store. When customers visit a retail store to buy products such as clothing wear, they can physically examine the products with their hands and eyes. Some people analyze the quality of the fabric while others check the size. Plus, the salesmen present in retails stores can convince them to buy the products promptly.

However, when you want to buy clothes online from an eCommerce store or marketplace, you cannot physically examine the products, feel the texture, or check the size. Aside from the reviews or ratings, you can only judge the product by their picture. Thus, it becomes more challenging for marketers to sell their products.

Simply uploading 2D pictures of the dresses will not be able to convert website visitors into paying customers. You need to upload realistic pictures so that you can recreate the actual feel of the products. One way to achieve this is to hire models that can wear the products to showcase exactly what the product would look like if they are worn by a real person.

While this strategy works great, hiring a model can become very costly. An alternative is to use a mannequin to showcase the clothes. Purchasing a mannequin is a one-time investment but they can be used as often as necessary and achieve almost the same effect. However, there are still some problems that need to be solved.

Displaying clothing products in an online store that are worn by models bring a human touch to the products. The same is not true when you use mannequins to showcase the clothing products. Mannequins look lifeless and can even distract the potential customers.

To solve this problem, marketers hire image editing companies so that they can apply the ghost mannequin technique on the pictures and create better pictures.

Who should use Ghost Mannequin Service / Neck Joint Service?

There are numerous organizations offering photograph restoration services, but Zenith Clipping stands out from its peers owing to the quality of its photo restoration services as well as the affordability of its photo restoration services prices. Our photo restoration pricing is determined based on the following categories
Online clothing store owners.
Online eCommerce store owners.
Ad agencies that deal with clothing companies or businesses that sell apparels.
Professional photographers or photography agencies that need to outsource image editing tasks in bulk.
Not all image editing service providers are good. So, you should only hire one of the best image editing companies if you want to achieve good results. Zenith Clipping is a professional photo editing company in Bangladesh which provides ghost mannequin service.

Which product requires Ghost Mannequin Service / Neck Joint Service?


Women Dresses
Party Wear
All jewelry