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Top 20 Famous Portrait Photographers in 2024

Top 20 Famous Portrait Photographers in 2024
Top 20 Famous Portrait Photographers in 2024

Top 20 Famous Portrait Photographers in 2024

Embarking on the quest to find the famous portrait photographer who captures shots that echo emotions? From the early pioneers of photography, where the whole act was just about clicking the shot, to resounding 2024, portrait photography has undergone a huge transformative journey. 

Today, portrait photography is all about infusing breath into pixels, thus allowing each frame and shot to narrate a different tale full of resonating emotions. These skilled portrait photographers not only capture mesmerizing shots but also master the Art of weaving visual masterpieces that linger directly in our hearts. 

So, let’s delve through the tour of the Top 20 famous portrait photographers in 2024, whose every click is a brushstroke showing a new tale of contemporary creativity!

Top 20 Famous Portrait Photographers in 2024 

Undoubtedly, the world is full of highly qualified and exceptional portraits that capture the essence in vibrant strokes, thus helping freeze the moments. However, there are a few names who have garnered a distinct reputation and fame in the photography industry owing to their exceptional capturing skills and unparalleled expertise. 

So, let’s get up to speed with the top 20 names in the ever-evolving realm of portrait photography.

1. Nadal Kander

Nadav Kander
Location: France
Website: www.nadavknder.com

The name that deserves to be on the first list is none other than Nadal Kander. He has more than 30 years of experience in the field of portrait photography, and surprisingly, he covers an eclectic range of subjects, thus showing a true picture of his technical mastery. Whether it be the known faces of celebrities or the sparkling faces of children, Nadal Kander perfectly knows how to picture them.

A few of his known portraits are available at the National Portrait Gallery and other museums.

Additionally, a book published as “The Meeting” documents all his profound photographs taken over the last three decades, each depicting his unique approach to capturing the essence of life.

2. Eric Lafforgue

Location: France
Website: www.ericlafforgue.com

And when enlisting the famous photographers of portraits, how can Eric Lafforgue be missed?

Born in France, Eric Lafforgue is a distinguished French photographer known for his humanist approach to photographs. 

He is known for his profound work on the various tribes of the world, including Papua New Guinea tribes that helped earn a lot of recognition, the Guna people on the San Blas Islands, and many more, with each photograph depicting a distinct culture and landscape. 

A few publications where Eric Lafforgue’s portraits are published include Grands Reportages, Times, Der Spiegel, etc. 

Additionally, he is a known member of Hans Lucas Studio.

3. Nick Knight

Nick Knight fashion photography
Location: United Kingdom 
Website: www.nickknight.com

Nick Knight is a pioneering figure in fashion photography, known for creating creative, visionary portraits. The best part about his sense is that no matter what the subject, whether it be a model or a still object, Nick Knight adds a classical root to them, making the portraits eye-catching and striking. 

A few designers who have collaborated with him are Alexander McQueen and Yohji Yamamoto. 

So, if you are looking for a modern portrait photographer, no one other than Nick Knight suits your needs the best. 

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4. Gauri Gill

Gauri Gill
Location: India
Website: www.gaurigill.com

Gauri Gill is counted as one of the best contemporary portrait photographers who knows how to bring the emotions of rural Rajasthan tribes into pixels. The best part about her portraits is that she combines contemporary Art with other lines to co-create new narratives full of liveliness while still having a touch of tradition and culture. 

Most of her works address Indian identity markers and issues like caste, social behaviour, class, etc. 

A few books that document her work are:

  • Balika Mela
  • Fields of Sights
  • Acts of Appearance

5. Connor Hibbs

Connor Hibbs
Location: Colorado
Website: www.connorhibbs.photography.com

If you are looking for a family photographer who can bring a dramatic and luxurious look to ordinary shoots, Connor Hibbs covers you all. 

He is a Colorado-based photographer who best combines the facets of the light beam, digital development, and high-end capturing techniques to come up with a luxurious photograph beyond the norm. 

For example, he uses a playful combination of dust and smoke to come up with a portrait worth your attention. 

6. Lina Tesch

Location: Berlin
Website: Couldn’t found. Here his Instagram

Lina Tesch is a Germany portrait photographer who covers different genres, including fashion and lifestyle, and the nature of her photographs shows a unique and intimate relationship of humans with their environment. 

Not only her works but also her video illustrations are featured in famous museums throughout the world, like the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the Contemporary Art Museum in Tokyo, and many more.

7. A. Rrajani

Location: India
Website: Couldn’t found
  1. Rrajani is yet another famous photographer of portraits, particularly when talking about fashion photography. 

He is known to capture evocative portraits, each showing a specific human emotion and artistic expression.

  1. Rrajani has had the chance to work with a lot of celebrities like Salman Khan, Stebin Ben, Sonu Sood, etc.

Additionally, he has received a lot of photography awards at both national and international levels.

8. Paul Bellart

Paul Bellart
Location: United Kingdom
Website: Couldn’t found

The legendary Paul Bellart, winner of the BBC Big Painting Challenge, is next in line.

He studied at Glasgow School of Art and was a known architect before entering the world of visual photography. And probably that’s the reason why all his portraits resonate so well with the architectural backgrounds.

He has not only been awarded a lot of awards for his multidimensional artistry but has also gotten the chance to display his work at multiple prestigious venues. 

9. Brian Griffin

Brian Griffin
Location: United Kingdom
Website: www.briangriffin.co.uk

Born in Birmingham, Brian Griffin is a known freelance photographer. He studied photography, and since then, he has crafted several innovative portraits for magazines, industry, and advertising campaigns. 

Unlike traditional portraiture, Brian Griffin adds a distinct newness to the visuals, paying keen attention to strokes and details.

10. Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry
Location: United State 
Website: www.stevemccurry.com

Remember the famous Afghan girl portrait? It was by none other than Steve McCurry. 

He is claimed to be one of the most iconic figures in the world of contemporary portrait photography. Each of his evocative captures and famous portraits narrates a unique human emotion, vanishing culture, traditional heritage, or some important social issue. 

Steve McCurry has been honoured to receive various international awards. Additionally, he has published lots of books like The Path to Buddha, On Reading, Portraits, etc., which contain his profound photographs. 

11. Lee Jeffries

Location: United Kingdom
Website: www.lee-jeffries.co.uk

Lee Jeffries is a British portraitist located in North England. 

By profession, Lee Jeffries has done accounting. However, he entered the world of capturing spectacular portraits in 2008 by making portraits of homeless people, and the work continues till now. 

A few of his publications are:

  • Homeless: the exhibition 
  • Yellow Korner
  • Portraits

12. Julia Hetta

Julia Hetta
Location: France
Website: www.juliahetta.com

Capturing portraits is easy, but adding a romantic and sensuous side to it requires another level of capturing skill. Julia Hetta has this expertise. 

Most of her portraits use Renaissance palettes along with a sense of serenity and power, which add a very lurid and dark contrast to the photograph, leaving the seeing eye enthralled. 

Her works are featured not only in Europe but also throughout the entire world.

A few of her profound works are related to genres like dreaming, romance, Art, love, serenity, etc.

13. Peter Hapak

portrait photographer
Location: Hungarian 
Website: www.juliahetta.com

Born in 1973, Peter Hapak is a well-known Hungarian portrait photographer who got the chance to feature his work in magazines like The Times as well as work with various actors. 

However, it was his athletic portraits that shed light on the physical problems that different athletes confront that propelled Peter Hapak to prominence.

Additionally, this American photographer got the chance to work with companies like Netflix, Vanity Fair, etc.

14. Sebastião Salgado

Sebastião Salgado
Location: Brazil
Website: www.institutoterra.org

Sebastião Salgado is a well-known name, respected in the world of photographers for his unique approach and deep love for nature. He has a high level of expertise in documentary photography, and that’s why it won’t be wrong to say that his photos speak louder than words.

Most of his portraits are documented on some social issue. For example,

  • Migration showed the struggle of people who migrated because of hunger
  • Worker documents the vanishing life of labourers

15. Martin Schoeller

Martin Schoeller
Location: United State
Website: www.martinschoeller.com

Martin Schoeller is another famous portrait in the industry, based in New York. He specialises in making extremely detailed close-ups. 

Martin Schoeller openly claims to be inspired by Annie Leibovitz and that working with her gave him insights into how to put different elements together and come up with a fashion portrait. 

Overall, his work is more focused on creating conceptually rich portraits with a subtle feeling of depth.

16. Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman
Location: United State
Website: Couldn’t found

And when one hears the name Cindy Sherman, the first thing that strikes one’s mind is her pure creativity. 

She is one of the most influential portraitists in the world and knows how to put her thoughts and real-life settings in a photo where pixels meet perfection. 

One of her most famous works is Untitled Film Stills, in which she photographed 70 black and white pictures depicting stereotypical women’s roles.

17. Lisa Kristine

Lisa Kristine
Location: United State 
Website: www.lisakristine.com

Lisa Kristine is an American speaker and activist, as well as a photographer. 

She believes that Art has the power to change nature and the environment, and therefore, one should use it wisely.

She particularly specialises in capturing the indigenous peoples with saturated colours that grant a distinct newness and push to her portraits. 

18. Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz
Location: Untied State
Website:  Couldn’t found

Yet another portraiture that is worth mentioning is Annie Leibovitz. She features a bold and dramatic style of photography and captures subjects in intimate settings in the most perfect way.

If one needs to define Annie Leibovitz’s portraits in three words, they would be iconic, quirky, and simply breathtaking.

19. Pieter Hugo

Pieter Hugo
Location: South Africa
Website: www.pieterhugo.com

Renowned for evocative portraits, Pieter Hugo is a South African portraitist. 

The fact that helps his portraits stand out from the norm is that he photographs the people in the most natural way, thus allowing the viewers to witness the story by merely seeing the photograph.

The majority of his work focuses on capturing and visualizing African culture and marginalized communities. 

20. Platon

Location: USA
Website: www.platonphoto.com

Platon comes last, but certainly not least. He is a comparatively new addition to the photography industry who, using his iconic close-up style with a black and white background, manages to bring the most out of a human face, using a well-balanced use of light and angles. 

Today, not only is he a successful portraiture artist, but he also runs a non-profit foundation called The People’s Portfolio, which inspires people to create a visual language

And with this, the list of the best photographers famous for portraits in 2024 comes to an end. 

How to choose the best portrait photographer for you? A Few factors to eye on

Indeed, with a plethora of unmatchable portraiture out there, choosing one is a hard row to hoe. So, here are a few tips that can help you choose your ideal portrait photographer to go for:

Top 3 factors to eye on: 

1. Consider the one whose style you like the most

The first factor to consider is the portraiture’s style. Look at his portfolio keenly and see whether his style aligns with your needs or not.

2. Talk to former clients

Similarly, a lot of things become clear when you have an interaction with their former clients. They can give a better idea of the photographer’s work and style.

3. Interview and test your comfort level 

And yes, what can turn out to be better than interviewing and interacting with the person face-to-face? It helps you not only get up with his style but also check your comfort level.

Who is the most popular portrait photographer?

From Julia Margaret Cameron to Philippe Halsman, there are millions of famous portrait photographers who have proven their excellence in Art and creativity with each of their strokes and shots. 

However, for me, Yousuf Karsh should be categorized as the best portrait photographer. He has photographed a lot of unmatchable photos of politicians, celebrities, and other famous figures. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Which type of photography is in most demand?

Portrait photography and real-estate photography are the most demanded genres in 2024.

Q.2 What is the photography trend in 2024?

The photography trend in 2024 includes hyper-detailed textures with vibrant strokes.

Q.3 Who is known as the greatest photographer of all time?

Yousuf Karsh and Henri Cartier-Bresson are the greatest photographers of all time. 

Q.4 How much will portrait photographs cost?

Portrait photographs cost somewhere between $40 and $500, depending on the length of the session.

Final Thought 

It is true that the genre of famous portrait photography has always been popular and continues to be so today. 

The reason is that it holds a special place in the viewer’s eye as it fosters a deeply human emotion and contemplative gaze. It transcends the visual with a few pixels of Art.