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25 Men & Women Professional Headshot Examples
25 Men & Women Professional Headshot Examples

Top 25 Men & Women Professional Headshot Examples

Want to master the art of headshot photography that will skip every viewer’s heartbeat? Then cheer up, buddy, as we have the perfect headshot example for you. 

Indeed, where headshot photography is regarded as one of the finest forms of portraiture, playing with it has never been easy. From finding the perfect location and setting to adjusting the lighting and toggling for the best posture, there are a number of factors that a headshot photographer looks at before coming up with a meticulously composed headshot that transcends beauty, confidence, and yet a professional look. 

Now, without any further ado, let’s delve through the article and learn about some of the best business and corporate headshot examples, along with a few proven tips and tricks that will excel your photography game to skyrocket heights.

How to pose a perfect headshot? 25 Men and women Professional samples of headshots to eye on!

Headshot Photography is a form of portrait photography that is used to capture professional profile pictures, either for your website or LinkedIn profile. It involves a close-up capture of your face.

Now that you are familiar with the basics of headshot photography, let’s discover some outstanding professional headshot examples that offer professional imagery with a very versatile look to fall for. These include:

1. The Classic Smile

natural smile headshot
Image Source: eliteimages.com

The traditional grin, which serves to identify your personality and brand yourself, is among the simplest and most popular headshot ideas. All you need to do is straighten up your body and give a natural smile.

2. Hand on Chin / Man Thinking with Hand on His Chin

The Classic Smile headshot examples
The Classic Smile headshot examples Website: wavebreakmedia

A hand on the chin is a great, tempting pose that shows you are pondering about the next person or listening intently. The pose portrays a sense of being lost in deep thoughts. It is best for a business meeting headshot. 

3. Slight Angling –

Modern Corporate Headshot Idea
Photo Contributor: Standret

Looking for something more than a straight, static look for your headshot? Then why not angle your body a bit? Slight angling is a modern corporate headshot example that involves rotating your body a bit until you have an angled view with a camera. It adds a playful and friendly look to the headshot, thus delivering an approachable and complete vibe.

4. Cross your arms

Cross your arms
Image Source – www.srkheadshotday.com

Another perfect headshot style is the crossed arms one. For this, you need to stand in an effortless way with your hands crossed and, indeed, a cheerful smile on your face. It shows confidence, professionalism, and an open approach.

5. The Hand on hips

The Hand on hips 
The Hand on hips source: unknow

The hand on the hips is one of the most powerful poses for headshot examples. It delivers a sense of being strong, independent, and self-assured. 

To pose for it, place both your hands on your hips with a slightly curved posture.

6. Look over the shoulder

Look over the shoulder
Image source: sharpfocusphoto.com

In the Look Over the Shoulder headshot, the entire focus is on your facial expression and not the body. In it, you turn your face a bit over the shoulder, turn your back towards the camera, and that’s it. 

Try to give an eye-catching, flawless expression, as the camera is going to capture you all, and definitely, a tense face won’t sit well. 

7. Leaning against the wall/ Sideways

Leaning against the wall pose
Leaning against the wall pose

Leaning against the wall is more of a casual and informal head pose that will suit the best media industry peeps. In it, you lean your body against a wall. However, make sure to lean the body in a balanced way that shows a sense of ease, relaxation, and an open vibe.

And yes, be mindful while choosing the wall. One wrong wall and your shot is destroyed for sure. Opt for a neutral tone and clean wall.

8. Changing Facial Expression

Changing Facial Expression
Changing Facial Expression

For some people, a smiling face works the best, but what if a dramatic or intense facial expression is your best pose?

So, it’s better to experiment with a number of Facial expressions, like happy, smile, laugh, shy, intense, dramatic, and a lot more, to figure out which one turns your headshot into a big success.

9. Playing with hands

Playing with hands headshot example
Image source: www.headshots-inc.com

When looking for the best headshot example, playing with hands is an element that can hardly be skipped. It gives off an ambitious vibe with a cheerful and jolly personality. 

Just stand straight, focus on the lens, and let your hands experiment with different positions. 

10. Chin In and Face Forward 

Chin In and Face Forward 
Chin In and Face Forward

Chin in and face forward are among the business headshot examples. In it, you tuck in your chin a bit with your face facing directly into a camera, giving it a highly professional look. 

In fact, if you ever focus, you will figure out that lots of businessmen and entrepreneurs have such a headshot in their LinkedIn profiles. 

11. Stand still

Stand still Headshot
Image source: headshots-inc.com

Aiming for a natural headshot? Then, the stand-still pose is definitely made for you. In it, all you need to do is stand still with your body and facial expressions all relaxed in the natural way, and Ta-Da. Your perfect shot is ready. Mostly, it is captured in black and white to add the missing intensity. 

12. Lean In

Lean In
Image source: www.headshots-inc.com

And here comes the simplest one to pose. All you need to do is relax your body and lean your face a bit towards the camera, probably supporting your face with your hands. It gives off a relaxed and friendly vibe.

13. Playing with props

Playing with props headshot example
Playing with props headshot example image source: www.fewstones.com

Another headshot example that adds both liveliness and a professional look to your headshot is playing with props. You can either use glasses, a pen, your mobile, or any other prop and take multiple shots to find which can be chosen as your perfect headshot. 

14. The Candid

candid headshot example
candid headshot example

And when enlisting good headshots examples, how can one miss the Candid one? 

All you need to do is walk around naturally, and your candid headshot will be captured.

15. The Back Turned 

Back turned headshot (1)
Back turned headshot (1)

The back-turned headshot is similar to the over-the-shoulder one in that, in it, you turn completely with your back facing the camera, followed by rotating your face at a beautiful angle to be captured. It is best for shooting commercial headshots. 

16. Hidden Face

Hidden Face Headshot
Hidden Face Headshot

Want to add an element of interest to your headshot? Then why not go for the hidden face pose? 

In it, you hide your facial features with some props, your clothes, hands, or anything else.

17. With Hands-On Support

with hands on support headshot
hands on support headshot

With Hands-On Support is a very common headshot pose, particularly when reviewing men’s headshot examples. In it, you put your hands against a hard surface. It gives a balanced and striking look with an added style.

18. Playing with shadows

Image source: headshots-inc.com

Playing with shadows surely counts as one of the best business headshot examples. It shows a strong personality. However, to capture the good one, you need to adjust the lighting and background a lot.

19. The Expensive Attitude 

Towab Muhammad Yusuf
Towab Muhammad Yusuf

Indeed, in a business and meeting headshot, the rich attitude headshot depicts you as a strong personality holder person with highly focused dreams and a bright future. And surely, you need a similar one, right?

20. Self Assured Headshot

Hasan Imam
Hasan Imam

A self-assured headshot is best for professional settings. Standing with your shoulders back and a soft, subtle expression on your face, adopt a natural stance to pose. 

But be careful to dress in a very formal suit for it.

21. Environmental Style 

Environmental Style
Image source: www.jasonguyphotography.com

Are you a social activist longing for a perfect headshot example that suits your profession? Then the environmental style headshot covers you, right? 

In it, you pose freely in an open setting that complements your profession. For example, shoot in an open park with a subtle touch of greenery. And yes, you can incorporate some props, too.

22. Business Headshot

Business Headshot

The classic business headshot involves positioning both your face and hands in the ideal posture. 

Keep your body straight and look directly into the camera, thus portraying your confidence. And yes, why not put one of your hands in your pocket? Indeed, a style to carry!

23. The perfect symmetry shot

The perfect symmetry shot
Image Source: www.time.com

Put both your hands around your chin with elbows resting on a hard surface, a bit of a smile on your face, and stop right here. Your perfect symmetry shot is ready to be clicked. It is among the perfect female professional headshot examples.

24. The best side 

The best side Headshot
Image source: www.cityheadshots.com

All of us believe that one side of your face is more appealing or more photogenic than the other. So, why not get that side captured by posing in the best side headshot? It looks professional and neat, yet trendy.

25. Full frontal close-up

A full frontal close-up headshot focuses on capturing your flattering face by tightly cropping the face only. It allows all the attention to be grabbed by your expressions. It’s advised to carry subtle and soft facial expressions here.

Prep Tips For Professional Headshot Photography

When considering the preparation tips for a professional headshot, the first thing is to start your preparation at least one week before. Additionally, look for the following:

1. Perfect Fitting Clothes

The most important thing is to choose the right clothes. In fact, most of the people who need to keep on shooting headshots again and again are dressed inappropriately, leading to a distracted photo. 

It’s best to decide what you have to wear a week ago. Additionally, carry one casual and one formal dress with you, too.

2. Makeup

Makeup makes a huge difference. Therefore, make sure you wear neat and minimal makeup that day that enhances your facial features without giving you an overwhelming look.

3. Skincare 

Start a proper skincare and diet at least a week or two before in order to look fresh, young, and hydrated on a special day.

4. Hairstyle 

Get your hair trimmed and shaped a few days before the headshot. And on that day, opt for a neat hairstyle that compliments your personality. 

How to Pose for a Professional Business Headshot: 

If you are going to get your professional business headshot photographed today, here are a few tips that can add to your final look and help you get the best headshot poses:

1. Pose naturally and keep your shoulders dropped down and back. Additionally, always flaunt your elongated neck

2. Keep your body relaxed, as a tense and stiff body leads to an unnatural pose. 

3. Try out different angles and postures that make your body appear beautiful, versatile, and strong.

4. A common mistake seen in headshot photographs is that where a lot of focus is placed on the correct positioning of the face, zero to no attention is given to keeping hands and arms in the frame, and as a result, the entire photograph loses its charm. Therefore, keep an eye on finger and hand placement, too.

5. Lastly, smile, as it’s the best ornament to wear.

How to capture a good headshot? A Few Tips 

Last but not least, here are a few secret tips that you can sprinkle to improve your photography skills.

1. Find the perfect background 

First of all, choose a background that will complement your shoot. If you are going for professional headshots, opt for a muted, clean background. On the other hand, you can go for a natural setting in the case of a candid and environmental headshot. 

2. Try different angles and poses

Try different angles by titling your face, chin in, smiling, positioning hands, etc. Similarly, switch between the different headshot poses we discussed above and see what fits your client’s face seamlessly.

3. Use the right light

In the world of photography, choosing the right light acts as a magic wand that unlocks the doors of perfection. It’s advised to opt for natural light whenever possible. However, for the dramatic headshot examples, continuous light is a better fit.

4. Try different new facial expressions 

Lastly, since the prime element in your headshot is your face, experiment with different facial expressions and find which suits your client the best. For example, you can ask for a smile with and without teeth, squint the eyes, and do natural poses, etc. 

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Q. 1 What is the best dress for a headshot?

The best dress for a headshot includes a solid-colored dress, followed by layering with a cardigan or blazer. Additionally, you can add some accessories.

Q.2 What kind of Top should I wear for a headshot?

Mild-colored tops with boat or crew necklines add a distinct dimension to the overall look and personality, thus taking your headshot to another level. Try not to go for turtlenecks, as they don’t look very good in photographs. 

Q.3 What makes a headshot bad?

There are various reasons that can make your headshot look bad. However, in most cases, it is either due to distracting clothing, overly done makeup, or an improper setting.

Final Thought

All in all, headshot photography is much more than portraiture. It’s a photography type that narrates the true persona of the person. 

Therefore, you need to keep an eye on several factors, ranging from proper lighting to body posture and angles, to capture that one perfect headshot in a frame that carries the WOW factor.