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Top 15 Newborn Photography Tips for Beginner in 2024

If you are a new parent or you are a beginner level for newborn baby photographer, then remember the saying, Patience is key. I said this is one of the key newborn photography tips for beginners. Until the newborn settles into position, you must exercise patience, allowing enough time if you want to enjoy a smooth photo-shooting experience.

So what are the key tips and tricks for becoming a successful newborn photoshooter at home? Well, you can take a great picture of your beloved with some planning and imagination, so don’t worry. Stay tuned to learn our top-notch newborn photography tips. 

Newborn Photography Tips For Parents and Beginners

Newborn Photography Tips

We will review every important tip and technique needed to become an expert newborn photographer here. We can help with everything related to newborn photography, from composition to lighting.

15. Get someone to help you:

You can take the picture safely and correctly if you have assistance from someone. Breastfeeding, setting up a home studio, and ensuring better poses are labor-intensive tasks, but having assistance would be greatly beneficial. 

14. Practice Regularly

newborn baby photography practice

Practice makes a man perfect. Yes, you should practice more to become an expert at taking newborn photos if you are a beginner or a do-it-yourself enthusiast. Feel free to experiment with capturing photos with different props, lighting setups, and angles. The more you practice, the more you can be skilled in your work. 

13. Thoughtful Editing

thoughtful newborn photoshoot

Another one of the most thoughtful newborn photoshoot ideas is post-processing your Newborn Photography. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools and AI software available to improve colors, eliminate flaws, and modify lighting. while editing, try to keep things normal and natural. 

12. Use Continuous Shooting Mode

photography mode

Continuous shooting or photography mode may be very helpful for quickly taking multiple frames. In this manner, you can capture the best shots, particularly when the baby moves or their expressions shift. 

11. Be Patient (#1 newborn photography tips for beginners)

Newborns move at their own pace. Embrace quiet moments, wait for natural smiles shoot the magic as it happens. Don’t force poses – beautiful photos come with a calm approach.

10. Themed Photoshoots

holidays newborn baby photography tips

Themed photoshoots are my go-to solution for adding a unique touch to my newborn photography sessions. Think about holidays, seasonal themes or even a storybook. Also, you can use backgrounds or props that go with the subject. 

9. Use Parents as Props

Including the parents’ hands or faces in the frame can provide a sense of scale and add emotional depth to the photos. While arranging a newborn photography session, parents can include faces or hands in the frame. Adding such tricks can give a sense of scale. also, this type of photo can create emotion in the pictures. 

8. Include Sibling Shots

You can take a photo of your newborn with his siblings if you want to add a touching family feel to your newborn photography. Siblings can either lie next to the infant or safely hold it in their arms. these interactions can make the shoot emotional. 

7. Capture the Small Details

capture these tiny details

Make sure to get pictures of every little detail, such as tiny fingers, toes, and eyelashes. Putting in a macro lens might be the ideal configuration for your camera to capture these tiny details. These close shots can add even more emotion to your newborn photo.

6. Maintain a Warm Environment

newborn baby

Image Credit: Bricolage

Did you know? Newborns are highly sensitive to temperature changes. I suggest you keep the indoor setup cozy and warm. A warm and cozy environment can keep them in sleepy mode so you can take good shots. you can use a space heater to ensure a balanced temperature. 

5. Prioritize Safety Above All

While taking photos of your newborn, ensure your little one’s safety first. Naturally, you must take precautions regarding your infant’s head and neck (i.e., they must be properly supported). 

Warning! Don’t go for complex props that can make their position risky. soft areas are recommended for newborn support. 

4. Shoot within 2 weeks

The time frame is another important consideration when taking tiny baby pictures. I suggest you perform the photoshoot within 2 weeks because, during this period you will find them sleepiest enough. 

Note: Omm…probably taking a photo within 10 days brings the best result.  Within this time, they retain a perfect newborn look. 

3. Focus on poses for getting great DIY newborn photos

One of the best newborn photography tips is to be simple. There is a saying that ‘less is more’. Simple newborn photos are usually my favorites. To me it’s better to focus on the baby, not the props or background. 

However, you can take a picture of them posing on a blanket or in their birthday suit. Also, you can add props like hats or baskets to enhance the beauty of your newborn look. 

Newborn photography tips (Caution): Avoid selecting any props that might negatively impact your newborn’s skin. 

2. Ensuring the best phone or camera Setting:

camera Setting

Source: l i g h t p o e t

Another one of the most significant newborn photography ideas is ensuring you have the right settings for making your DIY newborn photoshoot journey successful.

Note: Before taking a picture of your tiny members, remember to turn off your camera’s flash. Make sure your infant is asleep and maintain a steady grip on the phone or camera to capture the optimal shot. 

Special Tip: If you use an iPhone, tap the desired area of the screen to maintain focus while taking pictures. you will notice a box and a sun coming up. 

To adjust the exposure, tap the sun and slide your finger up and down. The ideal setting on your phone is potright mode. Taking multiple shots with a semi-professional camera is beneficial. 

Did you know the best camera for newborn photo shooting? SLR cameras like the Canon Revel T7 or Canon 7D/5D could be best for entry-level parents or photographers.  

1. Location: A Place with abundant natural light

tips for newborn photography

One of the key tips for newborn photography before capturing your newborn baby photo or newborn photography moment is to select the right place where you will get enough natural light. 

king sure the light is shining on your tiny baby’s face at a 45-degree angle is the best way to take pictures of him. Special Note: Keep light sources from directly striking the face of the baby from below or above. For DIY Newborn Photography, I suggest the nursery and master bedroom. A good source of light for newborn portraits can come from north-face windows. When taking newborn photos, ensure the light is as soft and bright as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Newborn Photography

How to shoot newborn photography?

Did you know how to shoot newborn photography? Well, don’t worry if you have no idea or less idea. firstly, position yourself and adjust the camera settings. you should set the camera to low ISO. Fast shutter speed and wide aperture are also recommended while setting the camera for shooting. 

Then position your babies in their comfort zone and take the photo. Don’t use a flashlight. Next, use photo-editing software to improve the appearance of your newborn photos. 

What are the best settings for newborn photography?

The best settings for newborn photography are as follows:

  • Aperture: f/4 or lower (Single newborn shots)
  • Aperture: f/8 (ideal for group newborn photography)
  • Shutter speed: 1/200

What is the best angle for newborn photography?

For newborn photos, 45 to 90 degrees is the ideal angle (toward the window). You will get better light at this angle (head down on their nose).  

Final Word on Newborn Photography Tips

A newborn is a blessing in and of itself, but for their parents, they are much more. so they always want to make the first emotion memorable. In these circumstances, newborn photography is the right solution. However, a lot of us need to understand how to make this season successful, which is why the above list of newborn photography tips exists. These newborn picture ideas can change the scenario and make such a special and precious moment memorable.