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12 Most Expensive Logos In The World
12 Most Expensive Logos In The World

12 Most Expensive Logos In The World

A logo represents your business in front of the customers. So it is important you make an eye-catching and significant logo for your business. But how much does it cost to make an attractive and professional logo? It actually depends on your budget. In this article, we have gathered the most expensive logos In the world.

12. NeXT – $100,000

NeXT logo has been designed by the late renowned graphic designer Paul Rand. Steve Jobs, who was removed by Apple’s board committee, dedicated his heart & soul to NeXT to compete against his former company. He invested $100,000 to make this logo design and brand identity. Rand broadly composed a 100-page manual detailing the process, including his stylization of the organization’s name from “Next” to “NeXT”.

11. City of Melbourne Logo Design — $148,000

The logo of the city has gradually become an iconic logo for Melbourne. Because it has sharp lines and combining colors of green and blue, it is intended to represent the corporate power, lively and cool city that Melbourne is today. Besides, it will remain the same in the future as well. The Sydney office of Landor Associates designed the logo in 2009. For this remarkable work, the City of Melbourne paid $148,000. The logo configuration has an appeal to it and presents Melbourne as a stylish and prosperous city adjusting to the present world. The logo looks really amazing and dynamic. Everyone gave a positive review for this logo.

10. Belfast Logo Design — $280,000

The designers of this logo indicated that they want to live in peace. They just don’t want any chaos or complicated things in their life. For this reason, they made such a logo that basically encased its name in a heart. Also, the view is like the stylish format of letter B. The main idea for creating this logo is to attract new tourists to the city. So the Belfast logo plays a significant role to fulfill the need.

9. London 2012 Olympics Logo — $625,000

Here, we can observe an inclination to confuse the logo. On the other hand, the price is quite low. This logo reviews the cubic style as well as looks over-burden with configurations. However, it costs more than half a million dollars. It seems that the designers attempted to reproduce the style of London architecture in this logo. But frankly, the result of their work got a great deal of criticism.

8. Pepsi Logo — $1,000,000

The Pepsi logo is outstanding with three multi-color waves consolidated into one ball. What’s more, coincidentally, for a brand of this magnitude, the cost of designing a logo appears to be very sensible. This new logo was an endeavor to challenge Coca Cola, which is the world’s leading sweet carbonated beverages producer. Furthermore, it is difficult to state that they succeeded, yet the logo was truly amazing. The company feels great since it can pay a big amount of money for a logo, so it will keep competing in the market.

7. CitiBank — $1,500,000

The logo of this bank is really significant. It was made twenty years ago and, like the past, it is recognizable, memorable, and important. The most amazing thing about making this logo is the way that this version was the first imagined. It was painted on a napkin, turning into the first and the last. It merits paying for such an ability.

6. BBC Logo Redesign — $1,800,000

The BBC logo has been recognizable to us since childhood. The organization has been working under this logo for quite a while and is firmly connected with reliable and fresh news. Here, designers made white letters on a dark background, encasing each letter in a square. So it is really a nice logo that displays the main focus quite practically. The price of making this logo is really high.

5. Australia & New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) Logo — $15,000,000

ANZ logo has established itself as the most expensive logo in the world. This logo was made during the merger of two enormous banks and was the consequence of joining the initial letters of their name into one abbreviation. Designers made a great combination by utilizing the white and blue colors to frame a relationship of solidness, security, and wellbeing. Incidentally, PayPal uses the same colors in their logo.

4. Posten Norge Rebrand — $55,000,000

Another most expensive logo is Posten Norge Rebrand. When the state-possessed postal organization, which by the way is a monopolist in the Norwegian market, chose to rebrand, they basically wrote the name of the organization and enhanced it with a circle consisting of halves, one of which streams into the other. Despite the fact that the cost is certainly high, the logo is quite simple, clear, and successful.

3. Accenture Logo Design — $100,000,000

A nine-digit sum was paid for the logo consisting of the name of the organization, also its qualities, and the numerical image at the top. The primary concept was that the organization is continually striving for the future, for development and advancement. In spite of the fact that the logotype additionally got criticism the company is now effectively working in the market, and its brand has achieved enough reputation.

2. British Petroleum Logo & Marketing — $210,000,000

The 2nd most expensive logo in the world is British Petroleum Logo & Marketing. The main focus of this brand is to present themselves with the color combination. Since it is obvious from the name that the organization adds to environmental pollution. That’s why they designed this logo to persuade their clients that they are doing everything by minimizing the pollution and keeping the environment as green as possible.

1. Symantec Brand & Acquisition — $1,280,000,000

This basic however amazing logo. The price you can see on the headline. Its key component is a checkmark, showing that the activity was successful. Furthermore, this is a perfect fit for the organization that provides website security. Additionally, the yellow shade of the circle implies continuity and durability of the protection. Overall the logo creates a feeling of safety, trust, and security.

What makes these logos beautiful?

As you can see the most costly logo features a simple design, clear message, and easy concept. The design of every brand just wants to clarify its identity in a simple process. That’s why their logo is quite uncomplicated. Some companies just enter their name and qualities ​​directly into the logo, and some influence the target audience by including colors, texts, and shapes.
But overall, it totally depends on the designer how he designs the logo. If you are able to find an experienced and skilled logo designer, then certainly you will get a great quality logo. Also, you need to spend a smart amount of money to get beautiful logos.
Frequently Asked Questions
How expensive is a logo?
The expense of a logo configuration is somewhere in the range of $100 to a huge number of dollars, yet if you’re a private company or startup searching for a quality plan, a decent logo configuration ought to cost between $300-$1300. Logo configuration costs can change, for example, the cost of a logo configuration relies upon the quality and who made it.
Who made famous logos?
Paul Rand was an American craftsmanship chief and visual creator, most popular for his corporate logo plans, including the logos for IBM, Enron, UPS, Morningstar, Inc., ABC, Westinghouse, and NeXT. Eight flat stripes recommend speed and dynamism. They likewise fill in as a mental helper.
Can I design my logo?
Launch Canva and look for a “Logo” to begin making your own. Peruse Canva’s enormous library of logo layouts to modify for your own. Track down logo designs for different organizations and requirements like gaming, food and drink, sports and more. Make sure your logo is genuinely on the brand by tweaking everything about the plan.
Why are logos so expensive?
Logos are costly due to the innovativeness, skill and exploration that has been filled a plan to make it ideal for a brand’s character.
What was the first logo?
The very first logo reserved was in 1876 for Bass Brewery. It was a red triangle with the “Bass” text underneath, in a broad cursive text not unlike Coca-Cola’s immediately unmistakable scribbling.
What is an iconic logo?
An iconic logo is the portrayal of the organization planned as some emblematic shape which makes your organization effectively recognizable.
How long does it take to design a logo?
A normal logo configuration process requires 4 a month and a half of work. Be that as it may, the logo plan time required to circle back additionally relies upon a few different variables and your logo configuration process.
What size should I design a logo?
Making sure you have the greatest picture will make an ideal client experience. As a general rule, for online purposes, your logo size ought to be under 200 KB. The bigger your picture document is, the heavier it is, which makes it more trying for sites.
Is it profitable to make a logo?
Indeed, logo design is productive and you can maintain an effective logo plan business. Be that as it may, your prosperity relies upon your abilities as an originator as well as in carrying on with work like evaluating, dealings, showcasing yourself, and many more.

Final words on most expensive logos in the world

Logos are significant for brand promotion and marketing strategy. Due to the importance of logos, there are crazy numbers of companies that are spending lots of money to design their company logo. We hope you have found this article very interesting.
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