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How to take pictures of clothes
How to take pictures of clothes

How to Take Pictures of Clothes without Mannequin

For online businesses or apparel business owners, product photography is so indispensable. It permits them to reach their objective. To establish their brand, they can spend as much as they need on product photography.
To lessen the photography cost and set aside cash, with no hesitation, you need to pick photography without mannequins or models for selling products. This style is generally known as flat lay process photography.
So let’s plunge into the blog of “Proper Way for Clothing Photography Except Mannequin.” But before that, we should know the pros and cons of mannequin photography and without mannequin photography.

Mannequin Photography Vs Without Mannequin Photography

It is crucial to know the fundamental color contrast and benefits/drawbacks of every newbie photographer. It will help in deciding a style of photography in a project. Notwithstanding, both of those styles are mainstream and stable.

Pros and Cons of Clothing Photography Without Mannequin

  • An affordable expense than genuine model photography.
  • Needs a simple photography arrangement.
  • Various approaches to style your cloth.
  • Speedy and easy to style.
  • Requires additional time spent on cloth styling.
  • Sometimes clothes can look mutilated laid level if not styled as expected.
  • A progression of a similar style is an issue.

Pros and Cons of Mannequin photography

  • Best for flaunting highlights like internal linings and sleeves.
  • It assists customers with imagining as though the material is worn.
  • Numerous varieties in cloth styling.
  • Like genuine apparel photography.


  • Not useful for bigger things like a long cloth.
  • It needs post-production and proper photo editing.
  • Gathering a more extensive scope of models can be costly and tricky.
  • Fitting the models appropriately is an issue.

How to Take Pictures of Clothes

Flat lay is the most ideal decision for you who will begin making some great product photos. Simply hold your cloth tight on the foundation or lay them down, and take the shot.
You needn’t bother with a model or even a ghost mannequin effect, which implies it will diminish your expense for pictures creation. You needn’t bother with costly photography gear. To make flat clothing photography simply requires you to open the camera on your cell phone and begin catching your best product photos. It sounds easy, however, you need to focus harder on getting the best outcomes for your t-shirt or other clothing photography. So how about we examine more flat lay photography.

Flat Lay Photography

The flat lay photography is ideal for its straightforwardness. Most brands and retailers are doing their photoshoots using this photographic methodology. Since it permits adaptability in styling, it is simple to set up a flat lay photography studio and can shoot more images within a brief time frame.
If you don’t have a photo studio, you can utilize different holders to make your exceptional image mannequin style, setting aside cash. You should make a great photography setup. In flat lay photography, you can make slick cloth images than utilizing a ghost mannequin.
During flat lay photography, each brand and retailer look for up-to-date clothing photos capture, simple photography studio arrangements, and take pictures in high volumes. Conventional flat lay photography is the best answer to fulfill the need since it requires a basic studio arrangement and creates enormous volumes of apparel images in a fast time.
Here are certain tips from us on how to take pictures of clothes without a mannequin:

1. Pick a Clean Background

Pick a spotless background, generally, individuals will utilize a white foundation, as it is a normal tone for product images. Or on the other hand, if you need to take pictures of clothes without a mannequin, you can pick a pastel foundation. So you can mess with shading between the foundation and your clothes.

2. Ensure Your Clothes Line Straight

Ensure your clothesline is straight, and focus closer with the evenness of the edges. Moreover, you need to keep up with the edge of the foundation (top, side, and base). So the outcomes from each photograph will look steady.

3. Make Your Clothes Are Align Centered

To do as such, you need to make your clothes align. Remember to double-check the shoulders. Ensure that the shoulders are adjusted and you’re prepared to catch!

4. Add Some Props

To make it more lovely, you can add a few props to help to make characters and construct a story from your apparel photos.

5. Shading Correction

It is an essential and most significant effect on each clothing product, particularly when we talk about any apparel photography. It assists the watcher with recounting the genuine story by centering every single part that has been picturized in a product image.
For the most part, photographic artists can not snap a photo with 100% exactness constantly. In the present circumstance, in the wake of finishing the flat clothing photography one, they are looking for help through the color correction measure on “excoriate lay” photo editing to change the tone, conceals, shadow, light, and so on to meet the prerequisites of flat-lay product photography.

6. Shadow Making

Various shadows are noticeable like photoshop shadow impact, reflect shadow, regular shadow, and unique shadow are applied to item flat lay photography for a model.
In flat lay photo editing, at some point, images lost engaging quality and look so strange in crude and wild condition. All things considered for recapturing or working on the photo retouching of the item’s photograph, adding the shadow assumes a fundamental part and expands acknowledgment of that product to the client.
After that, you need to check all the photos that you take. Is it accurate to say that you are happy with the outcomes? Or then again perhaps you feel a major issue with the clothing images?
Presently you have two choices: First, you can re-shooting all your clothes photos, that will invest a great deal of energy. Or on the other hand, you can attempt to request some assistance with professional ghost mannequin editing services, or product photo editing services. They will help you to:
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  • Drastic diminish underway expense.
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  • A strong work relationship with an enormous and predominant in-house creation group.

The most effective way to shot in a flat lay process:

  • Canon EOS 5D Mk III is appropriate for any conventional flat lay photography. For snapping a picture, place the fabric directly in the center of the flat lay or tabletop, make it as straight as could be expected, and place. You should have a decent photography technique.
  • At the time of setting the material ensure that the neck area and shoulders are leveled out so it looks truly straight.
  • For various genders try to give as much as normal shape as conceivable. Assuming the material is woman’s fabric it should give shape awesome. If it’s a men’s one would keep it exceptionally straight, go on and do precisely.
  • The same thing on the opposite side is necessary to ensure which similarly as much on the two sides. Then, at that point, it will continue to the sleeve, simply fly to stay in bed under the body.
  • To give a more regular look would also go on. In this way, it is not appearing outside of the front. It simply gives a truly decent and sharp completion.
  • After this arrangement is made, you can take photos without a ghost mannequin.

How do you display a shirt without a mannequin?

You can easily display a shirt without a mannequin in the following ways:

  • Before taking photographs, clothes should be pressed and ironed appropriately and ensure that there are no folds or holes.
  • Need to put the camera and the light on a similar line to have legitimate concentration. For changing the foundation materials can be clipped.
  • If a photograph is being taken by models then ensure their arms hang down and their legs are uncrossed. Additionally, long hair should be cut and no adornments.

How do you take professional pictures of clothes?

You can take professional pictures of clothes in the following way:

  • Step 1 – Decide on how you need to show your items
  • Step 2 – Prepare your apparel photography equipment
  • Step 3 – Prepare your clothing items
  • Step 4 – Set up your photography studio
  • Step 5 – Check your camera settings
  • Step 6 – Start taking your item photographs
  • Step 7 – Editing your item photographs to attract customers

How do you photograph flat lay clothes?

The following way you can do the photograph if the flat lay clothes,

  1. Track down an enormous, flat work surface and pick your background
  2. Shoot in normal lighting if possible.
  3. Utilize 1 or 2 outer lights if regular light isn’t accessible
  4. Utilize a low ISO, quick shade speed, and high f-stop.
  5. Snap the picture from straight above.
  6. Fulfill little changes until you’re satisfied with the shot.

How do you take good pictures to sell clothes?

At the point when you take photos of clothing for your e-commerce business, you must give emphasize the photo quality and image angle. You should have a great-quality camera, proper lighting, a tripod, mannequin or model, a studio backdrop tool, and many more things. After that, you can do the image editing work. This is the way you can take perfect images to enhance your online business.

What is a ghost mannequin?

Ghost Mannequins are utilized by photographic artists and design brands to catch their dress photography in the most ideal manner. They are mannequins with removable parts featuring your attire with practically no interruptions when you are capturing your clothes.

How do you photograph clothes with mannequins?

Photography with mannequins is crucial for website owners. In the first place, select which modules of the model you might want to eliminate. Utilizing a jacket for this model, the covering is a vital element to exhibit on your eCommerce store, So in this case, we will eliminate the ‘V’ chest piece.
Cautiously eliminate the chest module. It’s likewise a smart thought, contingent upon the length of your piece of clothing, to eliminate the pelvis space of the ghost mannequin. Thus, you will want to accomplish an unpretentious ‘erupted out’ impact showing the coating at the lower part of your jacket (or any clothing product — and so on!).

Dress the mannequin

Then, beginning with the sleeves, tenderly dress the mannequin in the overcoat (or any clothing of your choice so far as that is concerned).
Fix the shoulders and ensure the creases line up with the mannequin’s shoulders. Set aside the effort to guarantee that there is no perceptible extending of the texture.
Presently you will see the coating is uncovered, as though an imperceptible individual were wearing it.

Style your piece of clothing

For any spaces where the piece of clothing doesn’t fit impeccably, utilize a mix of styling pins on the backboard to fix things up. Tissue paper is additionally unbelievably valuable to help ‘mass’ out regions you’d prefer to offer accentuation to. Also, you need diffusers and delicate boxes.
Invest some energy to style the overcoat, ensuring it fits on the ghost mannequin evenly and that there are no recognizable wrinkles.

Clothing product photoshoot

Set up your exposure and lighting so it features the vital provisions of the jacket without muffling any tones.
Then, center your focal point and decide on efforts that cover the coat overall, yet additionally, zoom in to the coating and sewing. Then start taking ghost photography.

Final Words on mannequin photo editing

Flat lay photography is one of the easiest and financially savvy approaches to photo clothing items. One should always remember that the customers are frequently reluctant to buy products as they can’t envision how the products will look on them.
That is the reason the photos should be clear and attractive. So this kind of photography is awesome for any person who is simply beginning a business with a low financial plan. So this is the thing that precisely photographic artists need when they capture an image of any product like a T-shirt and other clothing items.