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How to Make a GIF in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an incredible and amazing tool to create beautiful GIFs. It is widely used by graphics designers, photographers, artists, retouchers, etc. It has numerous features and functions that help you control, correct, or create lovely gif files. There are various tutorials that you can watch to create stunning GIFS using Photoshop. So today we will show you on how to make a GIF in Photoshop. Now create an animated GIF & enjoy.

Simple Animated GIF

basic animation
Step-1: To create an animated GIF in photoshop go to window & Create a document first
Step-2: Open the Timeline panel from menu icon
Step-3: Create a new layer from layers panel. That is the place your focus content will be, where you can draw something. But remember, that you can’t animate background layers. If you want to create a background – create a normal layer. You can add a video layer to include some video content as well.
Step-4: Add some content- draw something, include a shape, and so on.
Step-5: Then you have to move the time marker to the important frame (or time) to set the first keyframe.
Step-6: After this change the keyframing property of a frame. You have to check the layer panel and click on the little triangle close to the layer name. Then you have to tap the stopwatch to set the keyframe. You set this property for different frames at once.
Step-7: Move the time pointer to the fundamental time or casing.
Step-8: Change the vital layer of property. You can change position, darkness, mask position, or even a vector mask. The new keyframe is included automatically.
That is the way you can create the primary animated GIFs. You can also make frames from layers, include new frames, keyframes, and layers to create something complex. But the process is simple. Keyframe stores different properties. If you have two of them, the software will consequently change the specific properties after some time between two keyframes. For instance, if you mark the opacity property and set it to 0% in the primary frame, then you go to the 10th frame and set the opacity to 100% – Photoshop will automatically create a delightful impact. In this way you can create a GIF. You can preview your GIF if want.

Frame by Frame Animated GIF

frame by frame animation
Frame an animated GIF in photoshop is comprehensively used for any smooth transition. If you need to create frame by frame GIF animations in Photoshop, then follow the work process of creating frame animation:
Step-1: To create frame animation go to file, click menu icon & Create a document in photoshop
Step-2: Include a blank video layer 
Step-3: Start drawing 
Step-4: Move the time marker to the next frame
Step-5: To make frames from layers draw a new frame
To make this work easier, Photoshop allows you to enable onion skin from the timetable board menu. It shows previous frames. The fact is you have to make sure that the effect between frames isn’t so huge. Else, it will look harsh. You can preview the animation and save it as a GIF file. Also, you can watch this animated GIF in After Effects. In this way, you can create frame animation & export save for web legacy.

Scrolling Website Animated GIF

Parallax Scrolling
Learn the best way to create a scrolling website animated GIF using Photoshop. For this, you need to perform the below steps properly:
Step-1: Take a Screenshot of Your Website
Step-2: Next, you need to create a computer graphic. You can use canva.com that is absolutely free. Just sign up and start work. You can create a new design. Click the custom dimension and create a new design. Use different types of tools in canva and make a beautiful mockup. When you are done, download the work as a PNG.
Step-3: For the next step, we need to use Photoshop. As we are going to create the animation in photoshop. So this software is mandatory. Open adobe photoshop and click on the left-hand side of photoshop. From there open the PNG design that you created in Canva.
Step-4: Use the Magic Wand Tool that is located on the top toolbar (left-side) in Photoshop. If you can’t find the Magic Wand Tool, then go to the top of the screen. Then select the window, workspace, and essentials.
Note: Photoshop has tools grouped together. When you click on the left side of Photoshop – simply click and hold on to the tool. Then you will find other types of tools as well. From there you can use the specific tool that you need.
Step-5: Now move to the screen area. Select all of the white areas in photoshop. Then use the delete key of your keyboard and remove it. So in this way, we have made this area in the middle transparent in order that we can add animation behind it. Save it as a PNG format.
Step-6: Now we need to use Keynote tools. Click the new document and place the size 2000 by 2000. Drag the computer mockup in the keynote as well as the screenshot that you have taken in the beginning. Fit the screenshot on the computer screen properly.
Step-7: Click on your screen. Then go to the animation action and add an effect. Zoom out a little bit, then you will see a red line. Then you need to go over the small white box which is on the right end of the line. Then drag this back on top of the small white square located on the left side. Then drag it up to determine how far you want to scroll your site.
Step-8: Select the duration of animations for 4 seconds. Now click to generate the preview of your computer scroll animation.
Your animation is ready. Now click the menu, click save & click the play button or click open from right corner, and get started. Share this on social media and enjoy these beautiful animated GIF. To make an GIF, you must know how to open the timeline window, what is file format & file size, how to make layer for each image, video file etc.

Final Words

Hope you will now be able to create outstanding animated GIFs in photoshop. Just properly follow the above steps, then you can make your own photoshop animation. Thanks for reading this blog.
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