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How to Become a Google Trusted Photographer in 2024

How to Become a Google Trusted Photographer in 2024

So you like photography? Do you know you can earn some extra cash with photography? Google can help you in this regard. But you need to attain the trust of Google. For that, you should be a Google street view trusted photographer.

Becoming a Google trusted is highly valuable. So in this blog, we will cover how you can be a certified Google trusted photographer.

1. Google Local Guide

Virtual tours are important. At first, you need to be a Google local guide in Google my business before you get certified. It will help to reveal a whole other world of maps to you. Google Maps Business View will give customers an access to viewing the business establishment including indoor and outdoor.  

Moreover, you can also get a local guide badge if you earn points for your contributions. Hence it will take you to a higher level of programs. This is really an amazing way to get your content visible in Google and gradually increase your trust score.  Also, there is a huge community of local guides that give feedback, reply to your queries, and help a lot with local businesses. 

This helps Google maps become the best place to find locations in your surroundings. In your virtual tours Google maps & street view app are important. So all these things are greatly beneficial for Search Engine Optimization as well. That’s why it is important to be a local guide to win the trust of Google.

2. Buy a RICHO THETA V 360 Camera


The Theta V 360 Camera is the most ideal equipment for its functionality and cost. Ready to shoot top-notch 4K video with sound and high-quality 360 degree photos inside and out.

It can cost around $600. This adaptable camera is a great choice when compared with the contenders. It can be guaranteed that this camera is really perhaps the splendid thing I have ever utilized.

With the capacity to control the camera with your telephone and see live input of what you are attempting to shoot is inconceivably advantageous and extremely helpful for powerful photos. Don’t think it is a paid advertisement for this item, as a business owner, I am simply giving my own understanding and this was the best value for your money as far as quality and convenience.

3. Start your journey

After you get your Theta V 360 Camera associated with your cell phone, you are now prepared to begin snapping. Simply utilize the Richo Theta V application and you can control the camera settings from your telephone.

You need to capture 50 great 360 degree photographs to be endorsed by Google before you are certified as a trusted photographer. So explore great areas to get the perfect photographs.

If you would like to be Google street view trusted, you need to download the Google street view app. Install it & get started your virtual tour. In that case images must be at least 5,300 x 2,650 px & clear line of sight.

4. Image Quality

To become a Google trusted photographer, you need to give emphasis to quality photos. Because if you are unable to capture high-quality photos, you can not claim yourself a professional photographer. 

Google also requires images that are clear, easy to understand. So there are some requirements to get perfect 360 photos that you must follow –

  1. Pictures must be 14 megapixels so if your mobile device should be capable to shoot such photos.
  2. Editing can not be done on the final images, so you can not upload edited pictures.
  3. There should be a 2:1 image aspect ratio.
  4. There can’t be holes in the skyline of the photo.
  5. Meticulousness, including lighting.
  6. No stitching errors and copyright.
  7. Everything should be on focus.

5. Appropriateness

You need to also take care of the appropriateness. Because it is one of the most important requirements for becoming a Google trusted photographer.

You need to agree on taking photos of the people and the targeted place. Again, you need to select the right place geographically. You should not create any space by the computer and always set the real image. No attribution should be given more than the particular territory. You should not publish any unlawful or scornful content.

6. Connectivity

Another vital point of getting certified as a Google trusted photographer is connectivity. Connectivity is very crucial in taking perfect angle photos. Trusted photographers are active in connectivity. You must be careful of the following things –

  1. The associated 360 photographs must have an away from of-sight.
  2. Take shots at 1m dispersing in the inside and 3m outside.
  3. Increment the opportunity of Google associating with your substance by stretching out your photographs to a road.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you earn Google Trusted photos?

You need to procure a Google Street View identification. That’s what to do, you require to distribute 50 360-degree photographs through Google’s Street View application. This could require a month or more. Take a ton of them, one meter separated, so Google can interface them, similar to an inside form of Street View.

Do you get paid for posting pictures on Google?

No, Google doesn’t pay you for simply transferring pictures on google road view. To bring in some cash by transferring pictures then first and foremost make a site and put pictures which are caught by you on your site, continue to put on a standard premise. Get more traffic and permit promotions on your site.

How to get started as a Google trekker?

If you’re keen on being a Google Street View Trekker, the interaction is genuinely direct. Essentially, you simply have to apply to acquire one of those extravagant-looking packs from Google.

Can I get paid from Google Maps?

There is no immediate approach to bringing in cash from Google Maps, there are two side positions (kind of) that will assist you with bringing in cash from Google Maps. Google Maps is one of the most well-known route applications on the planet.

What is a Google-certified photographer?

A Google Certified Photographer is any individual who has accomplished a certificate. To obtain affirmation, the picture taker probably transferred at rent fifty scenes to the Google Street View application, which is likewise accessible on the application store.

How much does Google virtual tour cost?

Your intuitive Google Virtual Business visit will be facilitated on Google servers and show up on your Google nearby profile and Google Maps. There are no monthly or yearly expenses to stress over. Pay Once and keep it perpetually on Google. The beginning expense of $350 covers a commonplace, little straightforward design.

Who takes the photos for Google Street View?

Google intensely depends on the humanitarian effort from the local guides who are posting pictures many days. Anybody can be a nearby aide as long as they have a Gmail record and admittance to Google Maps.

How often does Google Earth Take a picture of my house?

As per the Google Earth blog, Google Earth refreshes about one time per month. In any case, this doesn’t imply that each picture is refreshed consistently. Truth be told, the normal guide information is somewhere in the range of one and three years of age.

What camera does Google use for Google Maps?

An 11-focal point camera called Dodeca 2360 catches a hugely enormous surface area of pictures at an exceptionally high goal. This camera is mounted on top of a moving vehicle the two record video and geodata all the while.

What is the oldest Google Street View?

Google Street View was first presented in the United States on May 25, 2007, and until November 26, 2008, highlighted camera symbol markers, each addressing something like one significant city or region (like a recreation area), and normally the other close by urban communities, towns, rural areas, and parks.


Final words on how to become a Google trusted photographer

It is highly recommended for the individuals, who want to turn into a Google trusted photographer. That there is no other best option than following the above steps. By following the guidelines properly, you can surely become a  photographer who has a Google trusted badge.

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