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11 Best Jewelry Photo Editing Tools for Ornament Products
Top 11 Best Jewelry Photo Editing Tools for Ornament Products

Top 11 Best Jewelry Photo Editing Tools for Ornament Products

Have you ever thought about why the same jewelry piece appears to be more tempting and appealing in one picture as compared to others? That’s precisely where the game of jewelry photo editing tools comes into being. In the present era of e-commerce, photographing the jewelry and ornaments rightly gives you maximum potential buyers. You provide them with a listing of irresistibly attractive jewelry images, and in turn, you are gifted with an open door to high sales. And to assist you in the process, wide range of photo editing tools are available on the market. So, whether you are a jewelry store owner or a seasoned ornament photographer who loves to take product shots, we have got you hundreds of miraculous tools to kick your photography game up a notch. Let’s walk through them one by one.

What does Jewelry Photo Editing Include?

Before delving into the list of the 11 photo editing tools for jewelry, let’s figure out a few crucial steps and factors involved in jewelry photo editing and retouching. These include:

1. Jewelry Background Removal

Jewelry Photo Editing
Jewelry Background Removal


In most of the jewelry photographs, the first thing to edit is background removal. The reason is that mainly in the process of adjusting lighting and focus, the background usually turns out to be unbefitting. So, first of all, you need to remove the background and add one that suits and enhances your jewelry appeal with intricate details such as white background..

2. Shadow Adjustment

Jewelry Shadow Adjustment 
Jewelry Shadow Adjustment


Similarly, sometimes, due to inappropriate lighting conditions, the natural shadow of jewelry products is not quite visible. As a result, the raw photo appears pale and dreary, and the lighting gives an unwanted shadow.

In that case, there is a need for shadow adjustment that allows you to cast and refine the natural shadow of the product, which complements the overall look.

3. Cleaning Process

jewelry surface
jewelry surface

Sometimes, in the process of capturing the delicate jewelry surface and details of jewelry products such as imperfections and photo noises like dust particles, scratches, blemishes, etc., also get photographed. Therefore, in the process of retouching, it’s essential to clean all these noises from entire image, which leaves you with a flawless image full of perfection.

4. Color and Light Correction

Color and Light Correction
Color and Light Correction

Color and light correction in jewelry product photography involves adjusting lights to bring out details and vibrancy of gemstones and metals, thus adding a more realistic and stunning look to the photographed jewelry.

Best Jewelry Photo Editing Tools for Ornament Products- 11 Tools to Hit for

Once you have executed your Jewelry photography ideas and captured the perfect shot, the next step is to add some personal touches to it. So, here are the best online jewelry photo editing tools available on the web that you should try.

1. TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch Photo Editing Apps
TouchRetouch Photo Editing Apps

TouchRetouch is an easy-to-use tool that helps photographers edit all kinds of photos, including jewelry ones, by offering color correction, light and hue adjustment layers, background removal, layering, photo noise reduction, and many more.

And the best part? It is available for only $1.99, comes with a tutorial, and has a super easy and user-friendly interface. 



Among photo editing programs, I personally prefer GIMP. It is an open-source editing app that comes with a lot of versatile features like blending, layering, masking, brushes, palates, etc., thus being a perfect choice to edit and enhance the intricate details and colors of jewelry. 


VSCO Photo & Video Editor
VSCO Photo & Video Editor

Want to turn your mundane jewelry photos into aesthetically appealing pieces? Then, without any further ado, get yourself VSCO- the best photo editing tool.

Apart from traditional editing features, VSCO is rich in terms of filters and a preset collection that allows you to add a seamless and aesthetically appealing look to your ornamental photographs.

4. Afterlight

Afterlight Photo Editing Tool
Afterlight Photo Editing Tool

Wait, are you a multifaceted jewelry shop owner who edits the photographs, too? Then, here comes a casual and easy-to-use mobile photo editor to ease your process.

Afterlight is one of the most versatile mobile-based photo editors that can be used to edit jewelry images, like enhancing the intricate details, correcting the colors, and many more.

5. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop


And when enlisting the best photo editing tools, Adobe Photoshop can hardly be overlooked.

It offers a compact package of editing for your product photos, refining, precision tools, layering, and masking, along with retouching and color correction features that allow you to exchange your idle raw photograph of piece of jewelry with a visual appeal photo rich in aesthetics.

6. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Lightroom

Got the chance to edit a large jewelry collection, and don’t know how to organize and edit them all without messing up? Then cheer up, as Adobe Lightroom is right there for you.

It is the perfect photo editing tool when you have to edit an entire image of your jewelry items. It comes with the batch processing option that allows you to edit large sets of similar photos within no time using presets and applying the same settings to a series of images.

Additionally, it comes with lens correction, helping overcome all reflection and other optical issues.

7. Canva


Whether you are a seasoned photographer, graphic designer, or social media expert, you must have used, or at least came across, Canva- one of the most common photo editing apps used to not only edit pictures but make brochures, covers, and wedding cards.

When eye particularly on jewelry editing, Canva comprises a range of features like background and distraction removal, gemstone enhancement, etc.

So, why not use Canva and make your jewelry image stand out?

8. Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo
Luminar Neo

Where AI is assisting humans in all roles, how can it lack in terms of photo editing?

Luminar Neo is an excellent AI-based photo editing tool for jewelry particularly. It integrates AI technology to autocorrect all the picture noise and blemishes, adjust the background, increase sharpness, and leave you with a high-quality jewelry photo with all the details. 

9. PicsArt


Similarly, PicsArt is another jewelry photo editing tools that can help you edit your jewelry pictures. It incorporates a kit of basic and some advanced features like overlays, blemishes, etc., that help add seamless creativity to the ornament images.

However, it has limited features and thus best suits the needs of casual photo editors.

10. Jewelry Photoeditor

Jewelry Photo Editor Google Play Store
Jewelry Photo Editor Google Play Store

Jewelry photoeditor is yet another useful jewelry photo editing app l that allows you to retouch and re-edit Jewelry images on your mobile screen, thus allowing you to edit anywhere.

It is a mobile-friendly tool that offers a range of professional features like background removal, color correction, blemishes, spots, etc, thus making it a good option for beginners and e-commerce website sellers.

11. Prisma

Prisma Photo Editor Google play store
Prisma Photo Editor Google play store

Prisma has been one of the most hyped jewelry photo editing service in the last few years, particularly known for its mosaic feature.

You can use it to photo edit your jewelry programs; however, it has limited features. It is more of a filter library, and thus, you can only use the stylized art and filters to transform your jewelry image design. 

However, if you long for in-depth professional editing, you can use these range of tools mentioned above.

Jewelry Photo Editing ToolsBest Feature Cons
TouchRetouchEasy to use and versatile No Con
GIMPOpen-source image editing with a large array of features Steep learning curve but overall, it’s a perfect app
VSCOVersatile yet quick photo editing solution Lacks a few advanced features 
AfterlightBest for casual photographers as it makes the editing process quite easy and straightforward Lacks features as compared to desktop tools 
Adobe Photoshop Complete package of all editing tools Deep learning curve
Adobe Lightroom Efficient for editing large photo collections Lacks customization option 
CanvaUser-friendly and offers a wide range of functions Limited output formats to save your file
Luminar Neo AI-driven No sidecar file to save edited file and no mobile app
PicsArtEasy to use Limited editing features for professionals 
Jewelry Photoeditor Best mobile photo editing appLimited features
PrismaBest for adding artistic effectNot for professional photo editing 

Tips and Tricks for Jewelry Photo Editing

Just like there is always a secret ingredient to every mouth-watering recipe, here are a few tips and tricks to sprinkle on your photo editing skills and let your photos amaze the whole world.
  • Never opt for hazy, colorful, or pattern backgrounds, as they overwhelm the jewelry with pictures full of distractions. Therefore, in post-production, always remember to retouch the background and choose a background that shows all the details of the ornament holistically and keep the basic editing to make the product visual appeal.
  • Keep the use of props minimal to zero in jewelry photography, and similarly, try to eliminate all the unnecessary props in the editing process to keep all the attention focused on the ornamental piece.
  • Reflections often turn out to be a main problem, and therefore, always dispel them before posting the final photo. 
  • If the original photo contains any flaws like missing stones, spots, dust, etc., give multiple retouches to the picture.

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional Team: Our team comprises highly skilled photographers who have experience dealing with 3D jewelry photography for more than a decade.
  • Fast Turnarounds: We ensure fast turnarounds for our customers without making any compromise on the final quality. 
  • Deals and Packages: We provide special pricing packages and deals to make your customers feel at home.
  • Software and Apps: Along with the manual effect of your skilled professionals, we have a versatile range of photo editing apps and tools to bring the best out of your jewelry photographs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the best AI Photo editor tool?

Though there are a number of AI editing software tools to get your editing done automatically, Luminar Neo is the best one as it allows you to incorporate both manual and AI features to best edit your jewelry item images.

Q.2 What is the best photo editing app?

VSCO and GIMP are the best photo editing apps for proper editing to yours jewelry products. Although both of these apps have a steep learning curve, they come with a lot of versatile features, an array of blends, and brushes to edit your photos.

Q.3 Which is the best camera for shooting jewelry?

The best cameras for shooting jewelry are FX and Sony a7 III, as they allow autofocus, ample exposure time, and image stabilization, thus making the capturing and editing process way easier and more fun.

One Last Word 

To cut it short, where capturing the beauty of shiny gemstones in the lens of a camera is itself an art, the process of editing and re-editing those jewelry images is a hard-core task. 

It involves the use of your experience, instincts, the latest industry trends, and a sound grip of editing features to come up with a final spectacular jewelry photo that knows how to grab customers’ attention.

So, why not get your jewelry photographed and edited by our expert craftsmanship, thus leading you to an open door of irresistible sales?