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Amazon Photo Editing Service

Zenith Clipping is the best image editing company for amazon product photo editing. We offer our services to photographers, magazines, advertising agencies & online stores.

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Amazon photo editing services is really important for becoming the best seller on Amazon marketplace. Currently, it is one of the most popular e-commerce sites having own product image size and other requirements. Because the most effective approach to drawing the attention of clients’ to have great quality product images.
Zenith has a dedicated team to work on this service. We use advanced editing tools & follow Amazon’s image uploading guidelines to make them clear, attractive to customers. As a result, it persuades them to buy the product.

Amazon Product Image Requirements

Technical Requirements:

A refined image without additional objects is important for amazon product listings. Product images submitted to Amazon must meet the following requirements –

  • Keep image format in TIFF, JPEG, GIF and PNG
  • Pixel dimensions must be at least 1000 or more in either height or width.
  • sRGB or CMYK color mode.
  • You should keep the file names like Amazon ASIN, 13-digit ISBN, EAN, JAN, or UPC.
  • Spaces, dashes, or extra characters in the filename should be avoided.
Main Requirements:
The images named by product identifier without a variant code or named with the MAIN variant, and display as the main image on the product detail page, Amazon maintains the following site product image standards –

  • The picture must be the cover art or an expert photo of the item being sold. Drawings or illustrations of items are not permitted.
  • The picture must not contain unwarranted or befuddling extra items.
  • Your picture must be focused, expertly lit, scanned, with real color, and smooth edges.
  • Books, Music, and Video/DVD pictures should display the front page, and fill 100% of the picture outline. Special stickers, jewel cases, and cellophane are not permitted.
  • All other products should fill 85% of image frame or a greater amount of the picture outline.
  • You must keep the full product in a frame.
  • Backgrounds must be pure white (RGB 255,255,255). 
  • The product photo must not contain extra content, designs, or additional image. 
  • Pornographic and offensive materials are not allowed. 
  • Trimmed or close-up pictures are permitted.
  • Text and definite illustrations are permitted.

Other Requirements of Amazon:

  • Provide Useful Information:
    It is important to describe the necessary information about each product. You can include the brand name, product model number, a brief description, etc. If any customer likes the photo, he will try to know more details about the product. So try to specify as much information as you can. But don’t give irrelevant information. Because it will make customers boring and they will leave the page. Perhaps your description is small, but always keep it simple and ensure relevancy.
  • Emphasis on Quality:
    You should always give importance to quality images. Studies showed, most people click on high-resolution images. And if you get more clicks, there will be a chance of more sales. Therefore, Amazon requires high-quality images. Upload sharp, well-lit, and realistic pictures. Kern stated that “ Don’t increase the vibrance, clarity, and saturation too much. Try to keep it original.” He also said, “Customers should exactly get the same product that they saw online before ordering”. So there shouldn’t be any variations in product color and quality.
  • Get the Zoom Effect:

    If you want to make your products visible more closely, Amazon has set-up a zoom effect. But for that, your images should be large enough. In this way, you can draw your customers’ attention more perfectly to have a close view of your products and grow the chances of making sales. Many people suggest keeping the resolution of the image 3000 pixels. But according to Amazon, You need to use a minimum of 1000 pixels images for the zoom effect.

Why do you need an Amazon image editing company?

amazon photo editing service
Terrible and low-quality pictures can decrease your sales. On the other hand, great quality photos can assist you to enhance your business. At Ecommerce platforms like amazon, customers spend money to purchase products. So this is your opportunity to grab his attention by creating high-quality images for product listings and encourage them to buy your products.
For this reason, you need image editing service. Your photograph may look fine to you. But you are required to compete with big sellers. So professional service will make your photos more beautiful and you have more noteworthy possibility of pulling in the clients to your item.
Amazon is a platform, where lot of new products are added daily. So it has some requirements for all product photos that are uploaded to the site. This is why amazon image editing services come in.
With the perfect services with expert graphic designers, you can grow your business. Furthermore, if you are determined to develop your business in the online market, you should go to the ideal place where you can professionally edit and modify your photos. In this regard, Zenith Clipping is the right choice for you in editing images.

Our Amazon Photo Editing Services

Adjusting lightening and color issues, eliminating stains, imperfections, modifying pictures to eliminate indistinct settings, borders, watermarks and shadows, we do it all in our Amazon image editing service. We are able to edit pictures for a large group of products like clothes, adornments, electronic hardware, luxury items, jewelry, furniture, pet supplies, kids’ products, & so on.
Our skilled photo retouchers conform to Amazon’s technical specifications and save images in (.jpeg/.jpg), (.png) , TIFF (.tif/.spat) or (.gif) format. To further empower zoom work on your Amazon store, we make pictures with 1000 pixels or bigger in height and width. Our services include:
  • Amazon Image Editing and Enhancement
  • Retouching Services
  • Picture editing and resizing
  • Amazon Image
  • Background Removal
  • Direction Adjustment
  • Resolution and Lighting Enhancement
  • Eliminating Borders, Watermarks, and Shadows
  • Color, Brightness, and Contrast Correction
  • Advanced Ghost Manipulation
  • Skin smoothing
  • Image Masking
  • Noise Reduction
  • Photo Naming
  • Amazon Image Processing
With our services, we can assist you in improving conversions and generate more sales in accordance with amazon guidelines.

Why Choose our company for amazon photo editing services?

Zenith Clipping is a professional amazon photo editing services provider in Bangladesh with more than 150 Photoshop professionals. We have 12+ years of experience in providing amazon product photo editing. We have become one of the fastest-growing editing service providers since 2010.
Zenith Clipping is a Bangladesh-based global online photo editing services provider. We can work with eCommerce site owners from any part of the world if they outsource their portrait editing tasks. We work with online business owners from the United States (US), Canada, Australia, United Kingdom (UK), Italy, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, New Zealand, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Ukraine and many more. Don’t worry if you don’t see your Country’s name on this list.
Our in-depth knowledge and 12+ years of experience make us unique in our industry. Clients rated us as the best amazon image editing services provider in Bangladesh.
We offer a free trial service up to 3 free sample to our new clients so that they can see our work quality before ordering. Our Customer Support team is always ready to provide you the best service.

Our Other Photo Editing Services

Zenith Clipping offers the best quality professional amazon photo editing services. We are serving since 2010. We provide a wide range of image editing services. Take a look and find out the service that you really need.

Clipping Path Service

Photoshop Clipping Path is provided using the photoshop pen tool to cut out an object or removes the background. Zenith Clipping ensures that images look good which will attract customers and increase sales.

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Image Masking Service

Sometimes we need to edit complicated images that can not be edited by Clipping Path. Here comes the Image Masking Service. Zenith Clipping ensures that every image gets edited perfectly via photoshop masking.

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Photo Retouching

Zenith Clipping offers Photo Retouching Service which is a one kind of image manipulation process to make an image eye-catchy and more attractive. It makes the image look more refined, cleaner, and shiny.

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Color Correction Service

Color Correction service is the process of changing the color of an image. Sometimes we need to change color or create variation with different color for the same object. Zenith Clipping offers this service to its client.

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Ghost Mannequin Effect

Ghost Mannequin Effect allows removing the mannequin and background to give a hollow look. It helps to display only images of your garments without the dummy. We help clients adding ghost mannequin effect.

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Shadow Creation

Shadow Creation Service is very important to reveal the natural beauty of an image when a product is required to appear online. It presents the product with a sensible and very realistic look. We help our clients with drop and natural shadow.

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Product Photo Editing

We all know that a picture is a visual content worth a thousand words. We help ecommerce business owner editing their product photos professionally. This helps them grow their sales and helps them make more revenue.

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Background Removal

Zenith Clipping is a leading image background removal service provider for product photographers, Wedding photographers, Food Photographers, fashion photographers, Magazines, Advertising Agencies & online stores.

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